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Young Justice fan here and lover of tall men and women. I also have a profile on archiveofourown, also known as AO3. Same username

story ideas (still working on the titles and brainstorming):

Identity: the Team, except Wally who already knew before season 1, discovers Robin's identity after they come across a Dick Grayson from another dimension where his parents never die. Takes place during the time skip.

Spyral Incorporated: bears no relation to the international spy agency created by DC comics except in name only. Features elements from Totally Spies and Archer. I haven't decided if this should be a series of AU one-shots OR part of an alternate "Endgame" in which Wally doesn't disappear but falls into a coma for 16 hours.

Alternate Darkest: a birdflash version of that fight in the Young Justice episode "Darkest". Rated M to be safe

Funny Darkest: Artemis wasn't happy when she heard about that fight in the Young Justice episode "Darkest"

Attack of the 50 ft Mandy: my version of that episode of Totally Spies

Attack of the 50 ft Veronica: my version of that episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries

Young Justice Treehouse: a series of AU unrelated one shots that uses elements from kids shows from my childhood, including but not limited to Kids Next Door and Phineas and Ferb.

BBC Top Gear: Young Justice Edition: an AU in which Jeremy, James, and Richard are replaced by the Team

Thomas and Friends/Marvel crossover: an AU in which Antman or Captain America uses UFOs to shrink cities and people down to be turned into a model railway

Thomas and Friends Double Standards: featuring twin female OCs that are based on the never built and original 2-8-2 proposal for British Rail 9F 2-10-0.

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