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Name: you wouldn't know how to pronounce it

nicknames: lili, alice rose

Favorite books:Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Artemis Fowl, Blue Bloods, and others

Fav. Music:Ali Project, No Doubt, system of a Down, Evanescence,Donnas, Coldplay, Foo Fighters. and anything in my ipod

Fav. movies: Charlie and Chocolate factory,Pirates of the Carribbean 1,2,3, Interview with Vampire, Edward Scissorhands,Scorched, anything with Johnny Depp,Hellboy 2, and a bunch of othere stuff on my flixster page

Fav. anime:Hellsing( I love alucard!!) Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Rozen Maiden, Noir, and Karin!! oh and Code Geass. Ahh lelouch lamperouge!!now deathnote (even though i haven't finished watchcing it)

i haven't watched anime in a looong time now (not afterthe end of Code gEass tearsi seriously cried. lol i'm such a spaz!)

I love Gothic Lolita, anything black, pink,green, or red.I GOT THE BOOK!! I got the first(well not reallY) i got the mook(mag and book) of Gothic & Lolita Bible. So happy!!

Fav. Games: Rule of Rose( if anyone has it, how the heck did you get it!!), FF13, Haunting Ground,Sims!!, Guitar Hero 1,2,3

Right now i'm obssessed with Hellboy 2:The Golden Army,i love Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala, love them!

Breaking Dawn was okay, i seriously wanted a Hamlet ending but whatever and i didn't like the fact that she got preg but whatever take what you can take eh. i did enjoy Jacob and rosalie fighting all the time, good times. ANd i'm getting sick of bella. Can;t wait for the movie to make fun of it(being surrounded my twilight haters is kinda fun actually, they're jokes are funny! anyways, watever)

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