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Likes evil characters,immorality, immoral characters ect

Dislikes stupid ideas like world peace, can't buy happiness through money ect

challenge for attack on titan fiction

For reference or explanation refer to Mysterious Strangers Hat story
Appearance: Tom Hardy bane
Height 6"9
Eyes: deviant art monster eyes by SessaV bottom left
Name Erron Black
Age 16
Gender male
Birthplace Shingashina
Family: unknown
Weight: 220lbs
Eye colors: left blood red, right emerald
Hair cut Paul preshaw
Body type brawn
Regular: sleeveless muscle shirt with black Harem pants
Top under uniform black shirt
Strength: able keep calm under intense situations and able to control their emotions well
Weakness: unable to connect well with other people and tends to rush things without full scope of the situation.
Likes: silence , training, swimming, blondes and battles
Dislikes: loud people, cowards(willing to kill said cowards if too loud), and soft moments.
Quirks/habit: tends to pop pointer finger(Tokyo ghoul Jason) and cracks neck in preparation for a fight.
Trainee: joined to get away from everyone else except a few people that left a good impact but willing to betray humanity if given a good enough reason
Regiment survey crops
Quotes: I'm ready to die how about you, everybody dies but not everyone truly lives
Favorite food: raisins
Romance: Annie Leonhardt
Biography: ever since Erron was a child all he ever known was the disdain and anger from the residents of Shingashina due to his eyes being seen as a freak of nature and thus his personality began to form to his current state of being cold, cruel at times and very serious
Tattoos on both hands and pectoral: left hand sin of lust right hand sin of greed left pectoral sin of wrath right pectoral sin of pride ( for sins refer to Shawn coss seven deadly sin)
Personality: cold, cruel , cunning , has no qualms with killing people to further his goal or just because they've annoyed him enough and if pushed enough willing to beat the person to death

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