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I really am a granny. My baby is in university, grow up so fast. I was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for 5 years, and decided I liked the area, so I stayed. Currently living in a small town out in the desert, a bit more than an hour outside Las Vegas, but I've used the Vegas Granny nickname for so many years it's stuck. :)

I like reading the amazing stories you all write here on FFnet and over on A03. You are a lot of talented people!

My main fandom is Supernatural. I don't care how mature it is, as long as it isn't porn (you know, just written for the smut). I like a slow burn romance with comedy and a strong plot.

10 of my favorite writers are: TheRiverScribe, AllTheKingsHam, MicheleChadwick, Ncsupnatfan, CrowNoYami, Nurmengardx, Clowns_or-Midgets, KittyCasMeow, RabidFangirl14, ProdegySammyyyy6056, Deadmockingbirds and so many others

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