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I am from the UK I do these to pass time.

I have a part-time job.

I like WWE, TNA, UFC, MTV shows and anything that is funny.

I made my own OC's

Xander Cage

He was born without parents, grew up in a run-down orphanage in New York, was always picked on, he came to love wrestling after seeing a live show in New York he wanted to become a professional wrestler. He traveled to the orients for martial arts training and qualified for the regional championship in MMA but was knocked out of the tournament. He then signed with TNA and won 2 TNA tag team titles with Christian Cage but was broken after Christian betrayed him, he won the TNA world titles 3 times from Christian Cage and Kurt Angle. He left TNA and signed with WWE where he wanted his dream of becoming WWE champion.

WWE Champion (6)

World Heavyweight Champion (1)

Intercontinental Champion (2)

WWE Tag Team Champion (3)

Royal Rumble winner


Rage in the Cage- A modified version of the complete shot only in mid air.

X Marks the Spot- A shooting star legdrop.

Deadend- A combination of the STF & crossface chickenwing.

Xander Zone-Similar to the Ki buster, a reverse version of the fishermans suplex. (Senshi's/Low Ki's finisher)

Xancosis- Similar to Christopher Daniels's Koji clutch submission hold.

Caged Pain- Similar to Charlie Haas's Hass of Pain submission hold.

X-Terminator- The C-4 from the top rope.

Jack Dark

A man of complete mystery, he came from parts unknown and is an expert in mixed martial arts and had several years training in professional wrestling.


A Shot in the Dark- A sit down Cradle piledriver.

Embrace the Darkness- A Dragon sleeper with his legs wrapped around them while locked in.


An ex-con who wants nothing more than to spread anarchy and rebellion wherever he goes and liberate the world. Before his incartiration he was a wrestler, and was a champion kick boxer, but was jailed for illegal fighting for 3 years.


Anarchy Rules- A spinning death valley driver.

The Cycle Must Be Broken- A two puch hit followed by a roundhouse kick.

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