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I have a few folks to thank here, M'lady silver, Bob R, Dennisu D, just to start. Thanks to all you writers out there for you help to inspire me in my writing, keep up the good work. my favorite anime are: Tenchi (all but Shin/ Tenchi in Tokyo) Neon Genesis Evangelion Cowboy Bebop Outlaw Star And many more. Well Ja-ne =(_)=

P.S. the inspiration for my (only) story can be found here: http:///old under L-M for Steven Laird.

many other wonderful Tenchi stories can be found here as well.

I'm sorry that I haven't been writing in a long while, life pauses for no one and after a series of events that left me with out a computer and unable to access my old floppies I am going to read over what I have published so far (and fix some things) I'm going to start writing again so please be patent with me for a little while longer.

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