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Not sure what to Write here, I mean I do plan on writing a few Fanfic's whenevegr I can get my health up to a level where I have both the energy and concentration to do it .. hmm for now the main series (so far) I plan on writing stuff for: Ranma1/2, RWBY & Godzilla. i'll add to this as I think of stuff

]Favorite Anime/Manga Series:(WIP)

RWBY, Ranma1/2, DragonBall, Slayers, YuYu-Hakushou, OutlawStar, Robotech, Gundam-Wing, Patlabor, Sailormoon,

] Favorite Characters

RWBY : Ruby Rose, Nora Valkyrie , Yang Xiaolong, Blake Belladonna, Pyrrha Nikos, Weiss Schnee, Lie Ren, Qrow Branwen , Maria Calavera

Ranma1/2: Ranma Saotome

Slayers: Lina Inverse, Naga the White Serpent , Zelgadis Greywords, Amilia Wil Tessa Saillune, Xellos, Gourry Gabriev

Dragonball: Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Piccolo , Bardock, Gin , Kale, Caulifla, Muten Roshi, Future-Trunks, 18,

Yu-Yu-Hakushou:Genkai, Botan, Yusuke Uramesha, Hei , Kurama ,

Tenchi-muyo: Ryo-oh-ki, Ryoko Hakubi, Washu Hakubi, Sasami Masaki Jurai,

Gundam-Wing: Duo Maxwell

OutLaw-Star: Aisha ClanClan

Patlabor: Noa Izumi

The Third: the girl with the Blue eye: Honoka, Bogey

Soul-Eater: Blair, Maka albarn & Soul Evans,

]Favorite Movie series: Godzilla, Tremors, Aliens, Predator, Any-kaiju movies

]Favorite Game Series: Monster-Hunter, Armored Core, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, God-Eater, Pokemon, SenranKagura, Darkstalkers, Gex,

]Favorite tabletop & card games: D&D, Cthulutech, Rifts, Magic The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh

]Favorite Comic Series: GoldDigger , GRRL Power, Spiderman, Batman, X-men

]Favorite Book Series. TBA (I'm tired)

a bit about me and my thoughts on story telling (for what little its worth lol)

] i Hate Tragic/Sad endings

Look i can already hear some people grumbling about how not every story has to have a happy ending and that not every story does. that that's how _Real life_ is ...See here's the thing 'bout that... _I don't care._

I read FanFiction to ESCAPE the real world and it's Grim dark bull Crap. I read to pull myself outta funks, forget Bad moods and get over daily drama's I don't need to see my Favorite character prevail over multiple obstacles only to Die in the end (fuck sacrificing themselves to save the day that's Defeat in my book! they leave everyone behind to be sad!) . that SUCKS and makes me depressed ... well more then usual anyway... i have an active imagination ,plus wandering mind and unfortunate photographic memory that seems to only work on the mind scarring stuff in my life and it makes reading endings like that absolute Hell for me

] my thoughts on the people who demand FanFiction follow Canon Plot 100% and all characters Be 100% in character

...you are all being stupid sorry that's how it is,

By Definition all Characters portrayed in FanFiction are OOC , Hell FanFiction itself is By Definition AU content

they are Being Written by FANS not the ORIGINAL AUTHOR FanFiction CAN"T be 100% accurate on Characters because the Fans writing them are not the Original creators therefore do not know the intent behind said characters ... and

FanFiction is not about Trying to make 100% Accurate novelizations of a pre-existing work anyway its about Writing Stories set into the universes of our favorite Series using _our own ideas_ its about the What-If scenarios , Bringing different Universes Together so that characters that would otherwise Never Encounter each other together Meet to see what happens and even putting one's own creations into the universes of others to see how well they fare. And ultimately its about answering questions , Ones that can only be answered through written story via the interpretation of the FanBase

What if Character-A wasn't so innocent?, what if Character-D was Raised by Character-G instead of-F?, What if Character C wasn't Evil?, What if Character-R WAS? What if Universe-X was Fused with Universe-Y? What if the characters of Universes A & Z met ? _What would Happen?_

...even if Fan Writers COULD Write down perfect 100% Accurate Novelizations _why should they?_ FanFiction is primarily about Fans Writing down "what If" Stories Characters are put into situations not seen in the Original Works, into new scenarios THATS why people Read FanFiction

in short? FanFiction is AU content by _Definition_ it is not written by the Original authors therefore the Fan Writers should not be subjected to Hate, Threats Bullying or flames by people who want 100% accuracy. (You Canon-Obsessed guys are barking up the entirely wrong tree anyway. if its so big of an issue don't read FanFic's at all Go read/Watch/Listen to the original content if it bugs you so much! )

{]Also... regarding the people who demand a Story go they way THEY want.

a message to you all : You are not the person writing the story.

While Most Authors are fine with simple Suggestions in the Comments such things are often appreciated and are often acknowledged by Writers especially those who ASK for them...

However _Demanding_ changes? Thats just Childish and Rude. Also making threats or insulting the Writer is just Asinine you have a problem with somebody's Story? DON"T READ IT. Because Unless you are the person writing a particular story you don't get to dictate the plot for it and if this fact bugs you so much? _ Go Write You're own._ Because you are not in charge of what others choose to write.

I don't go making demands for the Writer to change a Story I Don't Like, i just don't read it. (my only Peeve when it comes to other peoples writing is with the "light hearted/Touching or Heart Warming- Story suddenly gets a Sudden "WHAM!-OUT-OF_NOWHERE-TRAGIC-ENDING" ... See making me Read a story under false pretenses when i'm trying to make myself feel better and having it work only for everything to turn on its head and make me fell WORSE then when i started ...that pisses me off ...yet _I still don't_ make demands to the Writer to change everything to suit me ...i just refuse to read the Writers other stories because "Once burned Twice shy" and all that jazz )

I've Seen FF Writers quit or at least nearly do so and all because of the Self entitled whiney abusive comments, hurtful flame posts and unreasonable demands made by Random(often Account-less Anon) Readers and it pisses me the hell off.

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