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Hello, all! Thanks for stopping by! Help yourself to some virtual cookies. Don't be shy: You can take as many as you want. (/n-n)/ O O O Hope you all have an awesome day!

I'm also on tumblr and AO3 under the same name at Shirokokuro. I don't post much, but I like a good chat. Feel free to message me if you have a fic rec, too! :)

All art I use is made by me. Please don't use them without my permission. Thank you!

Update Info:

Genesis: Fully scripted. Working on the next chapter. (Chapters 18/21)

Blue Hearts Bleed Red: Fully scripted. (Chapters 8/23, chapters 15 and 16 pre-written)

A Whistle in the Night: Story almost fully outlined. (Chapters 13/24?, final chapter pre-written)

If That Happens, I'll Catch You: (Chapters 23/?)

Discontinuation Policy: I absolutely hate discontinuing fics. Seriously. Don't like it. However, in the rare case that I do, I'll post a conclusion chapter outlining where the story would have gone as well as any extra content I'd written for future chapters. (n-n)b

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