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Life is just one big crossover, with everyone's lives connecting, overlapping, while we each tell our tale. ~Me.

Hola! Just a random teenaged girl over here. How you managed to stumble upon ths profile, I do not know. Have some cookies! (:) (:)

  1. I'm:

A Potterhead

A Demigeek

Half Twihard

A Rebellious Bookworm

A Magician

A Valkyrie

A Ravenclaw

And the one who created this profile!

Aaaaaanyway, I hope you like my fanfictions!

Stories, whether real or not, are whole worlds we keep hidden inside us. Then there are the adventurers, who pluck up just enough courage to click that "Publish" button, to show the worlds forged by their own minds to the masses. ~Me

I also have a profile in Wattpad, if anyone's interested! It's @ForceOfTheSea! I've published my original work in there.

Peace out, my Cinnamon Buns!

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