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After all of these years on here, I am only now realizing that I have no profile on here whatsoever. Never really bothered me, but I figure I might as well post something.

Sup everyone, I'm just your ordinary fanfiction obsessed 23 year old male. My creative writing skills are completely non-existent, so It's unlikely I will ever write a story myself but I love to read stories from all kinds of fandoms (even those where I'm not familiar with the story, although I've gotten many a spoiler that way).

Anyways, I'm currently in my Second Year of Law School. It's kind of like torture only you have to accept you did it to yourself. Sigh, stlll nice to meet all of you :)

I was thinking about posting the 100 laws of Anime here since I love them so much, but since that's been done so many times I figured I'd skip that part.

If anyone wants an opportunity to relish in fandomitis, here's a link to a clip of Anthony Rapp (Mark from Rent) singing a song you may enjoy

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