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Hello and welcome to my profile page, my user name is pANNEcake. If you're wondering who I am let me clarify I am also known as Skwerelz, Tennantfangirl, SnarkRaptor, and a few other anmes, just can't stick with one I like... though pannecake seems like it'll stick. Me real name however is AnneMarie and I am a stunningly beautiful (hahaha see a joke) 18 year old girl, turning 19 in June :).

I've been writing fanfiction since god knows when, longer than I've had an FF account. I think since I was 13 but I've been writing all together since I was about five. My first story was published when I was in 6th grade, course it was in a class story book. It was very Goosebumps esque (It was in 2002 or 03 can't remember it was cool back then) and it was the best moment of my grade school life. ANYWAY where was I... I really enjoy writing, its my art (though I wish I could really draw and paint like the rest of my family) my way of expression. So if you have a problem with how or what I write, I'd like constructive Crit, not flaming BS kay? -Sweet smile-.

Currently I've written fics for mostly Anime and Scifi. At the moment I'm clenaing up my page, getting rid of the stuff I consder crap and things I'll never finish, things that I don't want other people reading and then begging me to continue. Currently the things I know will stay for sure are How to be Human, In a Station of the Metro, Friends, They speak of death, Fairy tale, and Never surrender. When I say keeping I mean things that I haven't finished. I'm going to get rid of most, if not all of my SG fics...and quite a Few Doctor Who ones. But most of my finished things will go untouched. I'm sorry if you liked any of them but I have no reason to hold on to them.

Recently I've been working on a side project, most of the people in an old RP group are writing bits about they're characters. I've been a member of the RP for quite awhile and a few people were interested just where CJ (my character) came from and what her past was like. So I have an idea I'm playing with... I'm a little wary though because its difficult to explain a fandom that no one has really heard of. To clarify our RP is a mix of Fandoms (SG-1, Doctor Who. Firefly. etc) My character is a member of a crew manned by a Timelord, his ship is essentially the Firefly and his Character is a mix of the Doctor and Captain Reynolds. My Character is basically a Soul reaper hahaha we bend the realities a bit to make them fit... but I figure Bleach could easily fit into any reality easily. I see the Soul Society as another realm of existence and you can cross realms (obviously) so there you go hahaha. Anyway I'm writing a backstory so It'll take up my time.

I've had little brain children running through my head and I'd like to inform you lot that I will not be continuing the Latest Chapter in How to be Human, a Prelude to a promise, because when I wrote the chapter (over a year ago) stuff hadn't happened the Manga... and now it has.. hahaha so Prelude will not be featured anymore (I'll leave the chapter up but yeah) Instead I'll be deleting Chapter 59 and replacing it and then doing my usual Crack fic for Chapter 60, hopefully I'll get back more of my beloved fans who strayed when I stopped writing out of the blue. :).

Well that's all I gotta say about that! enjoy my Fics.

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