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Challenge: Naruto Crossover

Crossover selections:

Star Ocean: Til the End of Time /
Star Ocean: The Last Hope //
Kingdom Hearts /
Ryuusei no Rockman /
Mana Khemia
Shakugan no Shana /
Super Sentai (Deka, Bouken, and Geki) /
Kamen Rider Den-o
Mahou Sensei Negima /
Shugo Chara /
Devil May Cry //
Dead or Alive
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha /
Jigoku Shoujo /

/ - Female Naruto only
// - Male Naruto only
The ones not marked like this can be either Male or Female.


Female Naruto can not be named ANY version of the original name (ex: Naruko, Narukit, Narukai) except Naru and the original.
Kushina can never hate Naruto, if alive. Which in turn means, Naruto can not fully hate Kushina. Naruto may not like her at first, but will forgive in time. And no quick 'I forgive you' scenes
Minato can be hated, but not to the point of leaving the village and such.
NO MALE NARUTO X MALE PAIRINGS! Any other pairing is fine, even KabutoxOrochimaruxSasuke. But no Male Naruto x Male Pairings. Sorry Naruto Yaoi Fangirls.
Naruto can have a sister (older, younger, or twin). And can take the place of the Female Naruto, if you choose one crossover with the Female Naruto only.
Rape can be mentioned, but not shown unless warnings are posted on summsry and chapter that it was used with. Rather they only be mentioned, not actually done. Your choice here.
Except for Prologues and Author Notes, Chapters must be 2000 or more words long.

Fanfictions out right now:
Behind His Mask version 2- Naruto/Bleach - Incomplete - Chapter 2

Yami Love - A Naruto fanfiction. A year after Akatsuki's defeat and Sasuke's death, Konoha has been restored to it's former glory. Naruto is now the successor to the Hokage title, but before he can take the title he has one more big adventure. The Queen of Yami no Kuni and her youngest daughter have come to Konoha to bring Naruto back to their country for a promise in the past. Naruto's parent's and the Queen had agreed for an arrange marriage between their children. But, trouble is brewing in Yami as old enemies of their parents rise and the truth behind the Elemental Countries and the Bijuus origins are revealed to the world. It's up to Naruto and Hikari to save the world, like Naruto's parents did 31 years ago. Naruto/OC, Minato/Kushina. - Incomplete - Chapter 1

Past Time Love - A Naruto Fanfiction. After the battle against Sasuke, Naruto disappeared. One year later, she returned to Konohagakure no Sato. But surprises arise and past truths are revealed. Naruto must deal with new challenges and enemies to protect her family and friends. It doesn't help that she is now the biggest target of the Akatsuki. Madara/Fem.Naru/Hashirama, Minato/Kushina. Time-travel-Naruto, Female Naruto. - Incomplete - Chapter 1

Shugo Kunoichi - A Naruto/Shugo Chara crossover fanfiction. After the battle against Sasuke, Natsumi is weakened emotionally. Jiraiya and Tsunade see this and know that the Akatsuki would try something with this. Jiraiya calls in a favor from an old friend from the outside continents and has Natsumi go live with him and another old student of her fathers. Now, Natsumi is going to Seiyo Academy and is brought into danger by the Joker of the Seiyo Guardians, Hinamori Amu. With the help of her Shugo Chara, Shinobu, will they stop EASTER or be defeated? Female Naruto. Fem.Naru/?, Amu/?. - Incomplete - Chapter 1

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