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My policy on reviews:

I am very blunt and to the point. It probably has come to be known by most readers that most of the authors on are actually veritable greenhorns of literacy and canon who should best be left watching their favorite shows and not turning out all manner of fanatical brill like an automobile assembly line. It turns out there is another lesson from this analogy: most fanfiction is composed of interchangeable parts like a chemical processing plant.

Fans of the pen deal with this in several ways:

1. some offer sugar-coated criticism. Often written in chatspeak and loaded with emotes.

2. some ignore the entire mess after having their eyes burned by reading it. Yes, it can be that bad!

3. others poke good fun at it and lay waste to it.

I am a member of the last category. But as it turns out about 95 percent of the fanfiction world is totally opposed to this very method. There is truth to an old author's saying:

" Reading a story teaches you something. Reading a bad story tells you something about the author"

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