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I'm a 24 year old female who was unfortunately not blessed with the talent for writing. I love reading, though! What else would I be doing here, right?

I'm not one for following the masses and reading what everyone else is reading. I love those hidden gems that people tend to overlook. I'm also an extremely picky reader. I don't finish 80% of the stories I read because somewhere along the way, I either get bored or I start hating the storyline or the characters are underdeveloped.

Also, I don't always review, but when I do I'm always honest. If I love your work, I will tell you so. If I don't, I will give you constructive critism.

I'm really picky when it comes to authors, too. If you are gonna hold your chapters hostage because you expect a certain amount of reviews, I'm done. I probably won't review and I definitely won't read your work again. I don't care how good you are.

I'm bilingual but I only read in English, even though it's my second language. Way less complicated than my first.

You're wondering what I'm into? I'm glad you asked.

I love reading HP and HP Crossovers.

I read only Hermione-Centric Stories in the HP Universe.

I love a strong Hermione, not only in power but in character too. I hate Mary-Sue Hermione but I love it when she's a BAMF. I simply can't stand it when she's too stubborn to the point of stupidity, though. Seriously people - stop doing that! Who said you can't be both stubborn AND smart? Stop dumbing the princess down just for the sake of your plot. Our Hermione is a smart girl, after all.

What? I told you I'm a picky reader.

  • My OTP is and always will be Dramione.

  • I read stories where Hermione is paired with other males, but I don't and will never read a story where Draco is paired with any female but Hermione. I will leave that story faster than a snitch. I don't care how much I've come to love reading it. Double Standards, you say? I know. But I don't care, neither should you.

  • I'm just gonna say it. I don't like Ginny Weasley and I dislike Albus Dumbledore even more. If you have a story that favours them, I will read it. I just don't mind people bashing them.

  • What else? Oh yes. I love Game of Thrones.

    I only read Sansa-Centric in this Universe.

    Pair her with absolutely anybody, I don't mind. Just don't mess up her character.

    And please, don't take too long with the Mad-Queen stories. I never liked Daenerys, but now I know why. You don't like the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea either? Please, let us bond over our mutual hatred for her. I'm sure it will be a friendship to last a lifetime.

    That's all there is to know about me. Nope, stop being nosy. I was never gonna speak about my personal life.

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