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Hello my name is Kayla I'm now 17.

I LOVE the Harry Potter series it's my #1 book series and I ship: Dramione


Ransy (Pansy and Ron)

Possibly Drarry but still need conviencing.

I also LOVE The Twilight Saga and I've battled myself for a while but Harry Potter always comes first, so Twilight is my second love, my chessy, funny, sad, romantic, and dorky love. It didn't use to be like this until New moon when Jake (Jacob) said what he said in the Wet (from RAIN) confrontation scene like come on,"...I'm not good anymore,I use to be...a good kid...", oh and then the classic

"...or you'll get hurt."

Sorry if I offened someone but hey what can you do, you have your opinion and I have mine.

Dramione FOREVER!!!!

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