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Hello everyone! Thanks for even bothering to click on my profile, as I'm sure very few people will even check this.

As of now, I am working on four pieces of fiction, though one is on Hiatus.

The Songbird. - I fully intend to write this fic out completely, but I've been having bouts of writers block with it. Updates will come as soon as I can work them out.

Unexpected Alliance (Adopted) - As of now, I am working on this with a group, and we are just working on edits. We will get those out as soon as we can. Note here though, I have already started working on the chapters where Christian Left off, so once we get all of the previous chapters done, we should have a nice chunk of work to post immediately after we catch up.

On the Wings of Fire - sadly, my motivation for this has died down. I honestly dislike the direction I went with the last three or so chapters with it, and I want to go back and rewrite them before I continue. I'll get around to it eventually but as for now I'm just putting it off.

Fourth fic in progress. Stay tuned! (Destiny fic)

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