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UPDATE- 14 November 2021 - Chapter 24 - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word- Part 1 - is now posted!

You Can Still Vote: I have posted a poll for readers. I have recently read several advent calendar/12 Days of Christmas challenge fics, and it inspired me to try writing one, in addition to my regular updates, for the holiday season in 2021. I would love to try a crossover for this challenge, so the poll includes a number of series and shows that I am familiar enough with to be able to mix with Harry Potter. I would like you all to vote on which type of crossover you would prefer to read most. You may vote for up to three choices, and there is even an option for you to propose choices that are not listed, though you will have to either review or PM me to give your write-in vote.

Harry Potter and the Auror Academy: Transitions (cross-posted at AO3 under the story name Juxtapositions and Transitions) is a 28 chapter work in progress, covering the end of Harry and company’s Hogwarts career, the final battle, and preparations and shifts to the next phases of their adult lives. Currently there are 24 chapters of this fic posted.

Auror Academy: Year One will deal with Harry’s first year as a cadet, with academic challenges, cold cases, and some surprising discoveries about the Potter family. With cadets washing out in droves and some serious questions about one of his dad's old cases, will Harry make the grade, or will he decide that his future lies elsewhere? New spells, new friends, surprising partners, and romantic intrigue await. This will also be a roughly 30 chapter Arc.

I have never stopped reading fan fiction, but I have been out of the writing game for a while. I am excited to dive back in now that I have a little more time on my hands. I have expanded my interests across multiple fandoms, but I am most comfortable in the realm of Harry Potter. I hope to try my hand at a cross-over or two once I get my sea legs back under me, so to speak. Happy fic hunting!

The story I am working on here is the first in a series I have planned covering Harry’s transition from Hogwarts, attendance at the Auror Academy, and eventual rise through the ranks of the DMLE.

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