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There is nothing to say much. I have only a few fandoms, they would be: Alagaesia, Middle-earth, Westeros worlds. My favorite character is Saphira Brightscaler. My favorite fanfictions is about Eragon and Saphira and previously mentioned worlds' crossovers. Writing fanfictions is one of my many hobbies. I also shooting with a bow, forging swords and doing other strange stuff.

Some information about my stories

What if…?

My first story. I am not proud of it. The story is full of grammatical errors and hasn't passed Beta Reader checking. Currently completed.

The Magic Between Two Worlds

My main story I am focused right now and giving my all free-time. I update irregularly, usually from 2, till 5 weeks. The story passed two Beta Readers' checking and is clear of grammatical errors and less or bigger plot holes. Current progress of last chapter: 1000 words.

Dragons' family

Short story, I have written during a break from TMBTW. While I was writing it, I was thinking about one-shot Story, but people encouraged me to continue my work, so there is still hope for an update. More likely after I will finish my other story.

Her life fire and love

Short, emotional story, another's break's result. Currently completed.

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