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Update 07/16/13: The Ideal Boyfriend Chapter 1 reedited & Hate reedited

Update 6/25/13: I'm Alive!

Update 7/06/08: The Ideal Boyfriend Chapter 26 Up!

Update 6/26/08: Surprise 2-Year Anniversary Inner Demons Chapter Up!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters that appear in my stories. They are the properties of their creators.

Stories Completed:

Inner Demons: SasuSaku -Updated (1/19/08). Epilogue up. (6/26/08) Epilogue II up.

Summary: Orochimaru kidnaps Sakura, hoping that she will be able to heal his arms. Sakura, while at the Sound Headquarters, reunties with Sasuke. But, he's changed drastically, and Sakura is unsure whether or not she loves this new Sasuke. He's become more swallowed up by revenge, and it determined to the very end that he will kill Itachi, even if it means to be taken over by Orochimaru. Can Sakura help him before it's too late?

Someone Other Than Him: Oneshot. SasuSaku.

What Really Counts: Oneshot. SasuSaku.

Another: Oneshot. SasuSaku.

Hug: Oneshot. SasuSaku. Sequel to Someone Other Than Him.

Hate: Oneshot. SasuSaku. Alternative Universe.

Operation: Birthday Cake: Oneshot. SasuSaku.

Stories in Progress:

The Ideal Boyfriend: SasuSaku-Updated (7/06/08). Chapter 26 up. RE-EDITING (2 out of 26). ON HOLD.

Summary: (AU) (High School )Haruno Sakura, a small town girl, has been accepted into the Country of Fire's best school, the Konoha Academy for the Gifted and Talented. But boarding would be too costly, and an old friend of Sakura's father, Uchiha Fugaku, has agreed to let her stay in the Uchiha manor.
Uchiha Sasuke is the ideal boyfriend. He's everything a girl would want and more...except he has no interest in women at all. With cheery and perky Sakura in the house for the entire school year, will he survive? And just maybe, he'll change his mind about women after all.

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