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pretty little gekko PM
Joined May '06

hey i like ninjas.

Big shows im into:

*Glee (New favorite!)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


(sometimes) Charmed

Criminal Minds

One tree hill

anyway the list goes on and on!!

Favorite pairings:

*Brittana-BrittanyxSantana (New Favorite!) brittany makes laugh


Corgel? Angelia? doesnt matter!- AngelxCordelia

BilliexOc mostly cuz i cant see her with any cannon people, and cannon couple still count

AaronxEmily, ReidxJJ(sometimes), MorganxGarcia

BrookexOc (hate cannon guys, my bad!!),Naley

im pretty much a shipper of anything if it makes sense! As of now puck is not with lauren mostly cuz That makes no sense to me!! It could have been Mercedes and i would've loved it but no lauren freakin zizes!! even puckleberry rocks!! I hate bartie no question!!

also as a side-note i jump topics faster than the flash picks a wedgie!!

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