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Ok so my name is Rachel, and I am a RN in California.

I love reading FanFics on One Tree Hill, Power Rangers (Tommy and Kim Stories only), Firefly, Higher Ground, Seaquest, X-men, Stargate Atlantis and Roswell.

I am currently working on writing another One Tree Hill FanFic, Stargate Atlantis FanFic

For One Tree Hill:

Is True Love Real? -Complete

Summary: When Haley's mom dies, she moves in with her brothers, father and step-mother. And meets a certain someone. There are a few challenges in getting Haley to stay with them. Will she be able to live with her dad and brothers, or will she have to go back to Andy? (Sorry I am so bad a summaries, its better than it sounds!) This is mainly Naley, and some brucas and Jeyton!

Haley James and her Protectors- In Progress

Summary: It’s just Haley and her five older brothers, the oldest, Michael is her legal guardian. What happens when she falls in love with the number one enemy of her best friend and her brothers? This story is about friends, family and love.

For Stargate Atlantis:

It's All About Protecting- In Progress

Summary: When the team goes on a mission to help a village that they have trading agreements with, the village asks for their Doctor Keller. Which confuses everyone who knows about M520-82, which holds some old traditional idea’s about women, which Dr. Keller has no clue about due to the protectiveness of the whole team. Ronan/Keller

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