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Ello, welcome to my fanfic page, so I'm gonna be largely uploading Life Is Strange and RWBY stuff with a bit of Warhammer 40K and and maybe some random stuff (largely crossovers between reality and some of the above).


"you have no idea how crazy i am, keep pushing and find out" - Chloe Price.

"seeing new weapons is like meeting new people... but better" - Ruby Rose.

"innocence proves nothing" - unknown agent of his emperors most holy Inquisition.

so this page will mostly be sparks of inspiration and extended versions of school projects, also i live in the UK and therefore will use UK English, so Americans bare that in mind when you read my content, also I'm not the greatest writer and some of this content may be partially edited by friends, if so i will credit there help in the story description, thats all for now, enjoy.

Oh, by the way I will not write black Sun or any other ships i don't like (*cough cough* tauradonna)

Sub me no YT: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCyGRrNzn2rgRgIKorW7K5hA

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