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Hi y'all! Fellow readers, writers, murderers, ect. My name is sorry kiddos- this is a secret but I live on the run- so shhh! and I love writing. Just recently started public actually. I love reading, obviously. I believe writing is calming for the soul and all of that because it is very true. Anytime someone wants to vent out their anger- write! Any time you feel claustrophobic- write! Any time you feel depressed- write! Any time- ok you get the idea.

So anyway... I am here to see if I can improve my writing skills and for my love of Harry Potter of course. I have been reading fanfiction (Man you guys are good!) for a long time now and finally decided to brush up my atrocious and almost non-existant writing skills and put them to use. Voila fanfiction!

About my fics

Since I lead quite a busy life (like living on the run- shhh! It's a secret), I may not be too fast in my updates, but I do also hate it when other authors don't complete their stories so I will do my very best (I very do solemnly swear) to finish what I write... if anybody even wants to read it lol.

Also I hate grammer mistakes and I make a whole new number of them, but I will do my best to check up on them before I ever upload, so please bear with me guys!

So I guess that is it. Until next time folks! :)

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