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Also it has been a while and I have removed the mess of a fanfic I barely started. I lost the drive to write for awhile, but I have at least been working on plotlines and character stuff once in a while. It is a naruto fanfic but um... more of my version with oc in it. Well my oc in naruto, but mainly from Naruko pov.

And I have remembered what I said about my fanfic not being dead unless I said so. It was just hibernating and I forgot to say it was on hiatus! So anyone who has it followed/favorited wondering about it being gone, I just wanted to do it over with a restart. Its been there so long and I can't really say it had much of a start. Still wait a few months while I get stuff written. I actually am busy now with family business, children, and adulting to do. University was going to be happening if not for this stupid virus, but I'm learning all the same, so that is impacting my free time as well.

Finally, I really don't care about posting schedules... noticable. I plan to post random fanfics when I feel like it or finish a chapter. Or maybe when I finish translating as may be the case. I am not the only one who will be writing. Some will not be written by me and some we will write together. That will be a mess. I write for my amusement not to publish books for people to read. Mostly I do not write fanfic, so a lot of what I write won't end up here anyways, thus it may feel like I suddenly stopped posting. Fanfic isn't my passion in the first place. I dont play many games, nor read or watch many books, manga, or anime and shows. Especially lately. My latest knowledge comes from other fanfics and I don't care to copy a lot of what I read from other writers. Not intentionally at least. This means I may take longer forcing myself to learn about a topic. Like timelines in naruto, or names of jutsu if I decide to be somewhat accurate. I definitely can't remember harry potter spells and I forget names. More reading for research.

And done for now.

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