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Please step inside my little world, sit down, and stay for awhile. I have a million stories in my head, and I'm finally getting them down on paper.

This is my first time sharing my stories with the public and appreciate all the reviews and feedback I am getting! Please don't be afraid of critiquing my stories, I learn from every review. I also love getting suggestions and have changed my scenes a couple times based on my readers suggestions.

I only like to read HEA so my stories will all be HEA.


Bella is a college student, Edward a cop. Edward is one of the world's oldest and deadliest creatures! Not a vampire. :)

Can Bella handle this enticing, authoritative, formidable man? Will he free her from monotony and introduce passion, adventure and danger in her life?

Bella has never had a man make her feel the way Edward does. Her body reacts to him, almost instinctively. Her new life Edward has introduced her to keeps her on the edge of danger but also filled with passion. She has never felt so alive.

Edward warns Bella about the dangers in their city, but she does not take him serious. She learns the hard way that dangers lurk around every corner.

Edward also has never felt this way about anyone before, and his desire to protect Bella rises above everything else. He doesn't want to bring danger into her life, but he cannot bring himself to stay away. He realizes Bella coming to this city is going to attract danger with or without him, so he must stay diligent to keep her safe.

Edward works special jobs in his police department. The kind of jobs that require supernatural abilities to handle supernatural criminals. His job places him against some of the world's most dangerous creatures, and there is something about Bella that seems to attract these creatures to her...

Edward's backstory and ancestry bring this story to life in a unique twist that brings lots of action and adventure.

Join their journey as these two fight against dangers while deepening their relationship and friendships and developing new friendships along the way.

I will continue to regularly add chapters. My goal is to add 1 chapter a week.

Characters: Edward, Bella, Jacob, Charlie, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme.

~~~Fated is now completed, however, I will be making some improvements such as sentence structure and possibly adding some scenes. I have had several requests asking me to add some more scenes and may do that after my modifications are complete. If I'm not able to add to the completed story I will start another one calling it Fated 2 but please give me some time to complete my edits first. Thank you everyone. I truly loved writing this story and interacting with all my readers!


Thank you to all who take the time to leave a review for my chapters!

I appreciate reviews so much! Reviews are my payment for working hard on my stories and I cherish each one. Please feel free to leave suggestions in your reviews. I have added some very good scenes in this story due to readers suggestions!

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My story has been nominated for January's Top Ten Completed Fics at TwiFanfictionRecs DOT com. Please take a moment to vote for Fated if you enjoyed it.

Thank you!

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