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Welcome to my profile.

I am Female

www dot P @ Treon dot com/Bloodykitsune1997 if you want to give up your money!


Toy Maker's Daughter Series:

Toy Maker's Daughter book one: Completed.
Toy Maker's Daughter Book Two: Completed
Toy Maker's Daughter Book Three: In Progress

Mounted Guardian series:

Mounted Guardians: Wizards: In Progress (Hiatus)

Valkyrie Potter Pokemon Journey:

Valkyrie Potter Pokemon Journey: Completed

Vali's Pokemon team so far:

Active Team

1. Balto
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Ability: Flash Fire
Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping hand, Morning Sun, Iron Tail, Dig, Fire Fang, Reversal, Flame Wheel, Protect, Sunny Day, Double Team, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Agility, Extreme Speed, Toxic, Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Aerial Ace

2. Celina
Gender: Female
Species: Pidgeot
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Steel Wing, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Swift, Feather Dance, Air Slash, Agility, Twister, Hyper Beam, Aerial Ace, Mirror Move, Agility,

3. Elrond (Name Credit to KyuubiChild717 )
Gender: Male
Species: Alolan Raichu
Ability: Static
Attacks: Tail Whip, Thunder Shock, Growl, Play Nice, Quick Attack, Thunder Punch, Electric Terrain, Dig, Iron Tail, Electro Ball, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Discharge, Spark, Nuzzle, Agility, Thunder, Slam, Wild Charge, Psychic, Grass Knot

4. Pele
Gender: Female
Species: Numel
Ability: Oblivious
Attacks: Growl, Tackle, Ember, Focus Energy, Magnitude, Earth Power, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Toxic, Protect, Double Team, Lava Plume, Dig

5. Arwen
Gender: Female
Species: Ponyta
Ability: Flame Body
Attacks: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Flame Wheel, High Horsepower, Toxic, Protect, Flame Charge, Agility, Solar Beam, Flame Charge, Stomp, Fire Spine, Take Down, Inferno, Fire Blast, Bounce, and Flare Blitz

6. Terra
Gender: Female
Species: Larvitar
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Outrage, Ancient Power, Substitute, Toxic,

Inactive Pokemon:

1. Thorin/Being trained
Gender: Male
Species: Flareon
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Covet, Growl, Tackle, Sand Attack, Bite, Swift, Stored Power, Endure, Shadow Ball, Ember, Helping Hands, Flamethrower

2. Aragorn/ King Gene/Being Trained
Gender: Male
Species: Vulpix
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Ember, Secret Power, Heat Wave, Tail Whip, Spite, Disable, Quick Attack, Incinerate,

3. Eowyn/being trained
Gender: Female
Species: Houndour
Ability: Unnerve
Moves: Sucker Punch, Thunder Fang, Ember, Leer, Howl, Smog,

Off the main team: Currently training

1. Idril/Shiny
Gender: Female
Species: Sandslash
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Defense Curl, Scratch, Slash, Dig, Mud Slap, Protect, Shadow Claw, Poison Sting, Roll-Out,

2. Smaug
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Attacks:Growl, Scratch, Ember, Dragon Pulse, Smokescreen, Metal Claw, Fire Fang, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Toxic, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Flame Burst, Thunder Punch

3. Pippin/Pip
Gender: Male
Species: Luxray
Ability: Intimidate
Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Charge, Baby-Doll Eyes, Spark, Bite, Ice Fang, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Crunch, Double Team,

4: Empress
Gender: Female
Species: Shelgon
Ability: Rock Head
Attacks: Rage, Ember, Headbutt, Dragon Rush, Fire Fang, Bite, Dragon Breath, Focus Energy, Sunny Day, Hone Claws,

5: Galadrial
Gender: Female
Species: Litwick
Ability: Flash Fire.
Attacks: Astonish, Ember, Minimize, Smog, Confuse Way, Will-o-Wisp, Haze.

6: Bombur
Gender: Male
Species: Seel
Ability: Thick Fat
Attacks: Headbutt, Growl, Water Sport, Icy Wind, Icicle Spear, Water Pulse, Aqua Jet

7: Irmo
Gender: Male
Species: Litleo
Ability: Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Tackle, Ember, Fire Spin

8: Magby
Gender: Male
Species: Magby
Ability: Unknown
Attacks: Unknown

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