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Hi there! I'm Angelic Luna and for the first time since I started watching One Piece, I was hookup completely with the number one shipper Luffy and Nami. Though, Master Oda tells us there's no romance between them (for now) I strongly believe that there is something between this two main character. For Oda's sake, how can something as obvious as seeing them together (and sometimes only them) and happily interacting or stupidly interacting (whichever you prefer) will not fall madly inlove with their personality and attractiveness. You can also identify some of the characters who happens to fall inlove with them to the point of asking them for marriage (boa for Luffy and Sanji, some villains and even marines for Nami). So you see, there's no point of not falling inlove at the first place. I just have an idea that Master Oda just don't want to include love in their story due to 1. He made Luffy very passionate about being a Pirate King to the point of challenging the Yonkos and powerful pirates with zero interest in romance. 2. He already decided at the beginning who will be Luffy's queen at the end of the story and that is already establish when he first lock eyes with Nami and decided that Nami will be one of the most important crew of the mugiwara pirate. 3. He discreetly and slightly entincing the OP fans for LuNa moments. I knew he's doing this by drawing and creating scenes that includes both the main protagonist of OP to be close to one another and had lots of interactions within the OP story (that's the reason why we are crazy after them in the first place haha!!!) 4. He Separate Luffy from his pervert crewmates. We all know about Sanji, Brook and Franky as the main perverts of OP and some who happens to be their temporary crewmates along the journey. Master Oda wanted Luffy to be pure and innocent as possible since he was the Captain and the main protagonist who carries the success of OP. If he will become involve romantically and happens to be Nami, then his innocence will be tainted with perversity. 5. Luffy may have Nami get pregnant easily haha because of his passionate personality... There's a lot more evidences that Luffy and Nami will end up together and by judging Master Oda's work and play, he will definitely not dissapoint his fans by going against the craziness of mostly Luna Fans like me who only wish the best for Luffy and Nami.. Before anything else let me introduce myself to all of you who might stumble upon in the fanfiction world and decided to check my profile for anything that will entice you after you read my story.. Name: Apreal (sorry need to hid my full name) Username: Angelic Luna Age: 32 yrs old Birthday : April 5 Birth place: Philippines Nationality: Filipino

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