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Been lurking as a guest on this site since 2012ish and finally decided that I may as well make an account. As a Guest I often left reviews under the name "Kyvren" but decided against using that as my username as I am writing a story with him and don't want it to seem like a self-insert as it isn't one. You could call Kyvren my roleplay (if I actually did roleplay outside of video games) character as he acts and thinks differently than I do. He does and is willing to do things- in a "for the greater good" or "it must be done" kinda sense- that would have me punching him in the face if we ever met (though it probably wouldn't do much) and I do stuff that would have him punch me (likely with far greater results). Though as that is often my go to name for online games, there are several versions of him with different personalities, but if they were to appear in anything I may or may be writing they would have varients of the name.

As for the few things I've been working on in the occasional writing sprees that I go on consists of:

A Mount and Blade: Warband and Undertale crossover don't know what rating to give it, probably T to be safe. I wanted to put something in this crossover aside from that Lemon thing that's there.

A Monster Hunter (not World) and Undertale (It's relatively easy to crossover). It will take place in the Old World, as in, the older Monster Hunter games, not World, and while World will almost certainly be referenced but won't feature much more than that. I swear I'm still working on this! I've just been stupidly busy! Still working! Just very slowly... I'M SORRY! College is considerably harder than high school had been and as I was able to coast through the jokes that were classes I had no study skills and it didn't help that I jumped into the deep end in terms of colleges as I am studying Aerospace engineering Astronautical track! I wrote that first chapter in my high school Econ class. I am still plotting out where I want things to go in the story and how I want to get there. It doesn't help that Toriel is straight off the bat and she is by far the most difficult character for me to write, the only thing I have in common with her is probably protectiveness and even then I'm more extreme about it. Trying to write her reactions and responses is proving difficul. So again sorry for the almost 2 year (ugh!) wait!

And I've started laying out a universe for a Sci-Fi I may write. It will likely never see this site though a smaller chunck may appear on the HFY Reddit archive. That is if I ever make an account for that site...

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