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I've been a fan of Star Trek since the first day it appeared on TV. I can identify with Spock and always keeping his emotions in check. I've loved to write and now that I'm in my mid 60's and I stumbled on this site, I've picked up pen and keyboard and started to write, again. I have taken much liberty with the story line although I remain true to TOS, but I have added a generation. Kirk has a son, Lucas. Spock has a son, Spock Jr. (SJ) and Dr. McCoy has a daughter, Joanna. They also serve on the Enterprise. I deal mostly with relationships. I have noticed that the world has assumed we don't need God in our lives, but for those that still believe, there are a few religious references. I offer no apologies. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Replies are so welcomed for authors. We like to know how people like or dislike our stories. Thanks. Also this website is the most difficult thing to manage when posting stories, new chapters and update. I would hope the administers would soon correct this. It is very discouraging.

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