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I love Peanuts and Hey Arnold fan fictions. I'll publish fan fictions when i have the time.

I'm a sixteen-year-old girl that loves Peanuts, H.A, Fairly Odd Parents, E.E.E, Sound of music, Mary Poppins and a pup named Scooby Doo.

Peanuts is my favorire comic, followed by Garfield. My favorite animal is dogs.

HAPPY 2020, Y'ALL!

my favorite t.v and movie characters are Numbah 2, Phoebe, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Double Dee, Velma, Julia from Sesame Street, Beaker, Wish Bear, The Von Trapp children, Timmy Turner, Poof Cosma, Cosmo, Bubbles, Nonny, Marceline the vampire queen, Emma Wiggle, Joy and so called 'lesbians' Peppermint Patty and Marcie.

My favorite color is purple/pink and my favorite songs are My favorite things, Stay Awake, Concrete Angel, Linus and Lucy, Do re mi, Thriller, Feed the Birds, Say Something, Slipped Away and Better when I'm Dancing.

By the end of 2018, I hope to get a few followers and reviews.

Shoutout to OrangeRachet, for introducing me to Fanfiction.net with his fanfiction Unrequited Love.

When I'm not fanfictioning, I'm reading, drawing, singing or studying.

And now a moment of silence for the fallen heroes of 9/11

I take requestes that are:

1) Not too violent, I have a violence tolerance policy (unless it's South Park)

2) Familiar to me, so basically things you see in the archive

3) Able to get done in the span of two months, sometimes I have a busy schedule

I'm writing Fanfictions for Scooby Doo, Mary Poppins, Frozen (in the future), E.E.n.E and Peanuts.

Attention: I am now working on a Peanuts High School series on Fanfiction so keep an eye open for it.

April 2018 word count: 18479!

May 2018 word count:

Bee-do, bee-do! I have another idea for a PEANUTS series:

They're Life's Mysteries, Charlie Brown

Case 001: What Happened to Rerun's Caterpillar?: When Rerun's pet caterpillar is nowhere to be found, everyone helps him look for his fuzzy friend. (COMPLETE)

Case 002: The Disappearing Water: When Schroeder and Lucy notice that the water fountain is missing water, they wonder who could've taken it and where it went. (in development)

Case 003: Red Skies at Night: Sally wonders where the sun and moon go at night and day. Can Charlie Brown find out why? (in progress)

Case 004: Ice, Ice, Patty: When Peppermint Patty's ice cubes turn to water, she wonders how it happened. (in development)

Case 005: All Steamed Up: When Linus brings up the fact that his glasses steamed while drinking soup, he goes out to find out why and how it happens. (in development)

Case 006: Hoot's Still Up?: Franklin wonders what animals are awake at night, and with help from Charlie Brown, Marcie, Peppermint Patty and Linus, they're gonna find out (in development)

Case 007: Where's Linus' Blanket?: Linus can't find his blanket anywhere and begins to worry where it went. Can he find it before bedtime rolls around?

Case 008: An Egg Sighting Case: When Charlie Brown discovers a stray egg, can the PEANUTS gang find out what animal's inside the egg before it hatches? (in development)

Case 009: The Pink Socks: After Lucy's white socks turn pink, she wonders what went wrong. (in development)

Case 010: Rock-A-By PEANUTS: When the PEANUTS Gang can't sleep, they decide to find out why they're struggling to catch some sleep. (in development)

Case 011: What Happened to the Alarm Clock?: When Peppermint Patty's alarm clock fails do match the exact time, she wonders what went wrong and asks Marcie and Linus for help. (in development)

PEANUTS: Life With The Van Pelts


Pilot: We get a look into five-year-old Lucy's life with her three-year-old brother Linus and one-year-old Rerun. (in progress)

Episode 1-Kindergarten: Five-year-old Lucy goes to kindergarten for the first day. (in progress)

Episode 2-First Word: Linus and Lucy try to get Rerun to talk. (in progress)

Episode 3-Glasses: Linus gets an eye exam and needs glasses to correct his vision. (in progress)

Episode 4-Shy: Lucy tries to get Linus to stop being shy. (in progress)

Episode 5-Lucy's Kindergarten Friend: Lucy talks with a girl in her kindergarten class named Patricia. (in progress)


Claudia Alexandra Grandin: The youngest daughter of Constance Grandin and the youngest of three sisters, Claudia (nicknamed Claude by Peppermint Patty, Marcie and the others) is the same age as Frieda. Claudia's autistic and loves the arts such as visual arts, music and even theater. Claudia is prone to stutter on words, yet she does give good romance advice and is quite loyal to her best friends, Peppermint Patty and Marcie.

Kristine Madison 'Krissy' Grandin: The middle sister of Kayla and Claudia, Krissy is a budding drummer and guitarist alongside the love interest of Red. In season 3, the two's relationship status is revealed. Being the middle child, Krissy adores being a role model to Claudia and singing songs with her. In season 4, Krissy's in her second year of medical school.

Kayla Tamara Grandin-Oliver: The eldest of her sisters, Kayla is a lawyer, wife and mother, alongside Krissy's role model growing up. Kayla has a husband named David and a 1 1/2 daughter named Patricia Caroline.

Gracie: A crossbreed of a dalmatian and a beagle, Gracie was adopted by Krissy but took a liking to the then six-year-old Claudia. Gracie is seen to have a crush on Snoopy and has actually admitted that Andy is her go-to if Snoopy runs off to reunite with his ex. Gracie is brown with black ears and white spots. Her colar is light orange and she has a tuff of white fur on the top of her head.

Skylar Chase Williams: Claudia's first friend and her boyfriend, Skylar is a diabetic and asthmatic trickster whose parents never heard of birth control. Despite his illnesses, he loves to hang out with the kids and is amazing at video games (thanks to competitive gaming sessions with his triplet brother, Elie). Skylar also has a craving for sugar-free root beer and the sugar-free ice cream at Ace's.

Rosa Mariah 'Red' 'Ruby' Diamond: Krissy's girlfriend, Red is an outcast for her messy hair, slightly stubby nose and buck teeth. In season 4, she's the proud mother of a baby boy after getting impregnated by a 'friend' of hers. Red is 18 (19 in season 4) yet has the mind of a 5 year old when fun and karaoke is involved. Like Krissy, she tends to mother the younger kids when they present her with a problem of theirs. Red hopes to be a teacher when she's older.




Pilot: It's a new school year and Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy are excited to see how everyone's doing. (Complete!)

Episode 1-The Big Game: Peppermint Patty, Franklin and Violet compete for the title of 'Most Athletic Teenager'; Marcie, Frieda and Heather take up cheerleading and Sally stresses over homework. (Complete!)

Episode 2-Heather's Big Break: Heather preforms a backflip that lands her in the hospital with a fractured back; Charlie Brown tries out for the football team; Snoopy becomes a father and Rerun falls in love with one of the puppies.

Episode 3-Fate Makes No Acceptations: Heather learns the severity of her injury and wonders how she'll get through life without dancing.

Episode 4-Marcie or Peppermint Patty For Homecoming Queen: Everyone is deciding on who should be the Homecoming Queen: Peppermint Patty or Marcie.

Episode 5-Franklin's Talents: Franklin teaches Rerun how to skateboard.

Episode 6-It's An Emergency, Charlie Brown: Frieda's old cat, Faron, is going to be put down and now she's gone into a depression.

Episode 7-Mourning Faron: Frieda prepares a funeral for Faron with help from Patty; Violet and Charlie Brown go to the movies and Rerun looks for pet supplies for Skipper.

Episode 8-Flu Outbreak: A case of the flu turns the teens into cold infected zombies.

Episode 9-Rerun's First Date: Hannah, a friend of Rerun, asks him out on a date and he excepts it.

Episode 10-I Thought Peppermints Were Sweet: After Peppermint Patty and Marcie end their relationship, Charlie Brown and Franklin try to make them patch up the void between them.

Episode 11-(Mid Season Finale)A Case Of Love-A-La-Linus: All of Linus' girlfriends fight over him when he's voted Homecoming King.

Episode 12-Wheelchair Racers Sing This Song: Heather partakes in the annual wheelchair race.

Episode 13-Good Luck, Charlie Brown: It's Friday 13th and Charlie Brown is having nothing but good luck. Is this a goof in the paradox?

Episode 14-Halloween Party: Violet prepares a Halloween party and doesn't invite Charlie Brown again.

Episode 15-Brace Face: Shermy helps Marcie adjust to having braces; Rerun chips his tooth on the asphalt; Schroeder tries out for the winter play and Sally prepares for a date with Linus.

Episode 16-Jealousy: Eudora is jealous because she doesn't have a lover; Roy moves back in the neighborhood; Peggy Jean helps Heather feel good about herself as chemistry brews between them.

Episode 17-The Magic Show: Charlie Brown does a magic act for the school talent show; Snoopy has a heart attack; Franklin writes a poem and Lucy thinks about her and Schroeder.

Episode 18-Ooh-La-La: Violette and Pierre are part of a student exchange program at Sparky High; Marcie notices Pierre for the first time in years and falls head over heels for him again; Charlie Brown realizes Violette's in love with Pierre and has to break the news to Marcie.

Episode 19-Sally and the Beast: Linus falls for Tara, making Sally jealous; Schroeder tries to talk to Lucy; Charlie Brown promises to teaches Little Chadd to fly kites in the spring.

Episode 20-Beautiful Inside and Out: Marcie and Molley realize they're the chubbiest kids in school; Tara's four-year-old sister, April, swoons over Sally; Peppermint Patty hits a growth spurt and Frieda begins to spend more time with Simon (5).

Episode 21-Her Charm: April begins to spend more time with Charlie Brown and Sally's little brother, Little Chadd and a friendship blossoms between them.

Episode 22-Mother's Day Envy: Peppermint Patty visits her mom's grave again; Linus and Lucy prepare a vase for their mom and Chadd picks flowers for his mom.

Episode 23-(Season Finale) SCHOOL'S OUT!: April is excited to spend the summer with Tara; Sally is forced to go to camp; Peggy Jean and Heather prepare for a date.


Episode 24-A Familiar Face: Peppermint Patty and Marcie meet up with an old friend of theirs, Claudia, and the three beginning catching up on their lives.

Episode 25-Shy Girl Gone Scary: Thibault teases Marcie for being chubby, causing her to lash out on him; Peppermint Patty gets detention for passing notes to Claudia and Claudia tries to flirt with Charlie Brown.

Episode 26-The New You: Lucy, Frieda and Violet give Charlie Brown a makeover which he surprisingly likes; Linus and Tara have to break up when a family crisis occurs and Little Chadd pours his grade 1 worries on Sally.

Episode 27-My Heart Is Bent: Schroeder gets sick and needs a kidney transplant, Lucy tries desperately to find a match; Snoopy does his last Supper Dance before falling off his doghouse; Franklin begins writing songs on his guitar while his parents are going through a divorce and Charlie Brown spends time with Heather and Peggy Jean.

Episode 28-Aces, Apricots and Agates: Snoopy, now confined to a walker, battles the Red Baron one last time; Peppermint Patty and Marcie have a long talk about apricots and Joe Agate returns to town.

Episode 29-Sickly Kid: Janice gets sick again and Linus and Charlie Brown promise to visit her in the hospital everyday; Roy and Eudora go on a triple date with Frieda and Simon and Violet and Pigpen; Hannah and Rerun go to a romantic restaurant to celebrate their one year anniversary.

Episode 30-Getting Into Contact: Marcie decides to wear contacts instead of glasses to look less nerdish but Peppermint Patty doesn't like the new look; Claudia gets involved with the school's art show and Little Chadd writes a letter to April.

Episode 31-Ramp Ban: The library removes its ramp, causing an outrage with Heather; Snoopy takes the case of people VS Government and Lucy recieves an anonymous letter in the mail.

Episode 32-Spookyvision: Linus waits up for the Great Pumpkin one last time; Rerun goes trick-or-treating with Hannah; Claudia prepares some Spook-Up for the costume party and Charlie Brown gets an invitation to Violet's Halloween Party.

Episode 33-In Flanders's Fields: Little Chadd recites a famous poem for Remembrance Day, getting him in trouble with the teacher; Peppermint Patty imagines herself as a soldier in WWI and Marcie begins thinking Snoopy's fantasy has taken over Peppermint Patty's mind.

Episode 34-(Mid Season Finale) Beethoven Day: Schroeder's cousins prepare for Beethoven Day; Lucy learns Fur Elize and can't wait to surprise her boyfriend.

Episode 35-PEANUTS On Ice: Charlie Brown teaches Little Chadd to skate; Peppermint Patty prepares for an ice skating show and Marcie begins to practice her skating with help from Franklin.

Episode 36-Truffles' Visit: Truffles visits Linus for the holidays, but he hardly recognizes her.

Episode 37-Home For The Holidays: Dolly makes it to her cousins' house for Christmas and is surprised to meet Truffles, calling her and Linus a couple; Harold Angel asks Sally out to see The Nutcracker and Charlie Brown takes Peppermint Patty skiing.

Episode 38-For Days Of Auld Lane Syne: Peppermint Patty's hosting a New Years' party again and Charlie Brown vows to stay awake long enough to see the clock strike midnight; Peggy Jean and Heather share their first kiss; Claudia begins writing her New Years' list and Peppermint Patty gets the surprise of her life.

Episode 39-#MeToo: Tapioca Pudding facetimes Linus to tell him about a friend she met online and how dreamy he was; Linus tells her to speak out about what's going on; Tara and April send Linus and Little Chadd respectively some letters and Marcie vows to stick to her resolution.

Episode 40-Double Trouble: Alice (3) and Amelia (4) are having another sister fight; Pigpen finally asks Violet why she likes him now; Linus and Rerun argue over who's the better philosopher and Little Chadd gets picked on for his interests by a girl.

Episode 41-The Return of Violette: Violette sends Charlie Brown a few letters from France; Peppermint Patty begins complaining her hair's too blunt and Sally gets into the movie drama.

Episode 42-Lambcake: Floyd's back, and he's got his eyes on Marcie...and for a different reason; Claudia hosts a karaoke night at her house; Marcie reveals a secret to Franklin and all h3ll breaks loose between her and her parents.

Episode 43-Lambcake 2-Disowned: Part 2 of 'Lambcake', Marcie's parents disown her after the result of the Floyd incident is revealed; Charlie Brown wants to do all he can to help, but doesn't know what to do; Peppermint Patty knocks some common sense in Marcie and Claudia can only see one solution to her friend be re-owned and not living in an orphanage.

Episode 44-It's Not That Simple: The Spring Fair is in town and Frieda tries to design a new outfit to wear; Rerun and Hannah make plans for the Spring Fair; Linus and Charlie Brown visit Janice one last time and Snoopy waits for Spike's visit.

Episode 45-The Final Exam: A coffee-hyped Peppermint Patty decides to ace her final test despite being a B minus student now; Sally freaks out over her test; Eudora begins doubting she's smart and Charlie Brown worries Peppermint Patty will be held back a year.

Episode 46-(Season Finale)You Did It, Peppermint Patty: The gang surprises Peppermint Patty with her exam results; Spike his siblings nephew and Lila (Snoopy, Come Home) aid Snoopy in his dying days; Linus finally ditches the blanket and Schroeder breaks some deep news to the kids.


Episode 47-The Depression: Charlie Brown hosts Snoopy's funeral while Sally explains death to Little Chadd; Lucy bids Schroeder farewell; Franklin's driving lessons are the most of Peppermint Patty's worries and Floyd still can't keep away from Marcie (even with a restraining order).

Episode 48-Lloyd: Unable to see his 'Lambcake', Floyd uses his brother to flirt with Marcie; Linus has to console Lucy when a plane crash is reported; Peppermint Patty gets seriously injured during football and winds up in the hospital and Tara and April move back to town.

Episode 49-Love Hurts: Charlie Brown visits Peppermint Patty at the hospital; Lucy learns more about the plane crash and Tara reveals to Linus that she has a boyfriend.

Episode 50-Tomboy In Distress: Peppermint Patty gets news she, Charlie Brown, her dad, step-mother and half siblings can't believe; meanwhile, Lucy waits for news on Schroeder's fate and Roy takes Eudora on a romantic date.

Episode 51-Prosthetic Heart: Claudia and Marcie try all they can to make Peppermint Patty feel better; Linus discovers the Paralympics; Charlie Brown helps Peppermint Patty adjust to her new life and Lila visits Charlie Brown on the anniversary of his bringing Snoopy home.

Episode 52-Here Lies Peppermint Patty's Hopes: Franklin takes up mechanics, making Peppermint Patty a prosthetic arm; Marcie does some research on famous amputees and Charlie Brown comforts Peppermint Patty in her hour of despair.

Episode 53-Mother Knows Best: After Marcie's mother finds out about some of the bad influences of the other teens, she goes full tiger-mother on her daughter; Charlie Brown finds Peppermint Patty in an angry fit; Schroeder's mother calls Lucy and Linus finds Lucy in a crying fit.

Episode 54-The Crying Dame: Lucy tries to convince her parents to take her to Germany so she can see Schroeder; Violet has a smoke too many and falls into the hospital; Pigpen finally cleans up his act (no pun intended) and Peppermint Patty adjusts to have a robotic arm.

Episode 55-Cheer Up, Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown relapses into a depression; the PEANUTS gang try cheering him up; Heather and Peppermint Patty discuss their disabilities and Lucy gives Charlie Brown advice no one was expecting.

Episode 56-Halloween Screams: Peppermint Patty and her half siblings go trick-or-treating, but the twins know the perfect costume for their sister.

Episode 57-(Mid Season Finale)When I Join The Band: Lucy takes up the piano in the music; Linus breaks some news to Lucy; Patty visits Violet in the hospital and Heather and Peggy Jean have a karaoke night.

Episode 58-Winter Break: School's out for the winter and the gang plans to have as much fun as they can.

Episode 59-Peace To All: Lucy gets the surprise of all surprises; Marcie finally cracks under pressure; Claudia joins the zen club and Charlie Brown brings Little Chadd to an art museum.

Episode 60-I'll Drink To That: The gang drinks a root beer to Snoopy's memory and remember all the best memories they have of him.

Episode 61-The Cracking Of Marcie: Franklin, Charlie Brown and Claudia try to calm Marcie down before she does anything she'll regret; Lucy plans to take Schroeder on a date when he visits them for the summer and Peppermint Patty receives some more bad news.

Episode 62-Young, Dumb And Blonde: Charlie Brown teaches Little Chadd all he knows on kite flying, baseball, football and how to talk to girls.

Episode 63-Death Is A (Bleep): In a fit of anger, Peppermint Patty worries about Marcie's fate after she cracked up; Heather and Peggy Jean go on a date to see a Pride parade and Franklin soon has to tell Peppermint Patty the truth.

Episode 64-Why?: Charlie Brown tries to talk to Peppermint Patty after the incident, but she won't talk to him; the rest of the gang try to comfort her and Cousin Maynard pops by for a visit.

Episode 65-Laying Her Down To Rest: Linus' grandmother passes away and he has to go to her funeral; Peppermint Patty gets in a few more mood swings without Marcie; Claudia tries to understand Peppermint Patty's mood swings and Charlie Brown decides to talk to Lucy about his feelings.

Episode 66-She's: Charlie Brown visits Marcie in the hospital but gets flashbacks of seeing Janice in her deathbed and bursts into tears; Linus and Peppermint Patty find Charlie Brown in a distraught mess.

Episode 67-Test Time: Lucy talks to Schroeder about the tests she's been receiving; Franklin gets really worried about the finale exam and Peppermint Patty shows Charlie Brown how she can write with her left hand.

Episode 68-(Season Finale)Heatwave: It starts getting hotter, so Eudora takes off her hat for the first time in years; Claudia prepares for her first pool party (no booze allowed); Marcie finally gets out of the hospital with Peppermint Patty vowing to protect her at all costs; Charlie Brown has finally perfected his cannonball, but it backfires.


Episode 69-Senior Year: The PEANUTS gang begins choosing their colleges, struggling with homework and flirting with each other.

Episode 70-The Fall Dance: The fall dance is coming up, but Heather has to find a way to join in without dancing.

Episode 71-Not Again: Lucy wants to pull her football prank on Charlie Brown, but he won't let her.

Episode 72-Amputee x Blockhead: Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown get voted the Cutest Senior Couple...by Marcie; Linus gets really cranky after an argument with Lucy and Sally decides to cheer Linus up.

Episode 73-Who's Doing The Babysitting?: Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty and Marcie put in charge of babysitting Little Chadd and Peppermint Patty's half siblings.

Episode 74-I Won't Do It Again: Lucy talks to Marcie about an attempted suicide; Sally vows to no longer call Linus a Sweet Babboo and Peppermint Patty begins missing being called 'Sir'.

Episode 75-The Best Birthday Ever: Peppermint Patty's birthday has arrived and she's excited to make it the best birthday ever; Charlie Brown picks out the perfect birthday present for Peppermint Patty while Claudia and Marcie prepare the cake.

Episode 76-Horror For Dummies: For Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Little Chadd prepare for his first time hosting a Halloween Party for his classmates; Alicia (3) prepares horror stories to tell, which Amelia (4) disapproves of; Frieda gets the surprise of all surprises from Simon (5) and Marcie has a trick up her sleeve.

Episode 77-Falling Into Fall: Heather helps Peggy Jean prepare for photography college; Peppermint Patty watches over her half siblings as they play football and Charlie Brown flirts to Peppermint Patty.

Episode 78-Little Chadd In Love: Little Chadd goes on a date with April; Peppermint Patty babysits her half siblings and Rerun spends a lot of time with Skipper.

Episode 79-(Mid Season Finale) Marcie's Relapse: Thinking back on what made her depressed, Marcie goes back into her depressed state that landed her in the hospital, but before anyone could realize what she's got in her backpack, it's too late to save her...or is it?

Episode 80-The Five Stages Of Good Grief: Peppermint Patty goes in a withdraw, feeling incomplete without Marcie; the holidays are also rolling around and Claudia is prepared to conquer the ski slopes; Tara and April spend the week with Linus and Franklin hasn't left Marcie's side for two weeks.

Episode 81-All We Need Are Miracles: Schroeder returns home for the holidays and spends the whole time with Lucy; Lucy fills Schroeder in on what's going on and Charlie Brown and Linus try to get Franklin to come outside and play.

Episode 82-Wake Up!: Valentines' Day comes and goes, but Marcie's still in a coma; Franklin begins losing hope, but Linus and Charlie Brown keep insisting everything will be fine and Peppermint Patty won't leave her room, worrying her half brother.

Episode 83-Accepted: Charlie Brown gets his college acceptance letter; Sally and Little Chadd throw a party to celebrate Charlie Brown's letter and Lucy has some news of her own.

Episode 84-Spring Mornings: The PEANUTS gang spend time together at the Spring Fair, but Franklin can't stop thinking about Marcie; when he receives a phone call, he begins worrying A LOT.

Episode 85-Exams Are Creeping: Final exams are approaching, and Sally and Eudora are studying around the clock; Roy prepares for UCLA and Franklin has great news to share.

Episode 86-Sir?: Franklin tells the gang that Marcie's awake; the PEANUTS gang get really happy at the news until Franklin tells them something else: it'd be a miracle if she could remember her own name.

Episode 87-Remember Me: Peppermint Patty tries to remind Marcie who she is with a photo album; Heather prepares to say goodbye to Peggy Jean in early June; Little Chadd and April must part ways again and Sally goes on a date with Linus.

Episode 88-Exams Are Here: The gang deals with their fourth year of high school exams.

Episode 89-Preparing For The Big Day: Graduation is coming up and the gang's preparing for the biggest day of their lives.

Episode 90-(Season Finale) We Made It: The gang gets their diplomas and Charlie Brown gives a heartbreaking speech.


Episode 91-Goodbye, Charlie Brown: Sally and Little Chadd bid farewell to Charlie Brown as he leaves for college; Eudora writes Roy some daily letters; Rerun tries out for the football team and Peppermint Patty's half siblings-Richard Jr and Catherine-join April on a picnic.

Episode 92-Don't Relapse: Marcie goes through her third depression in the span of two years; Peppermint Patty receives letters from Richard Jr and Catherine and Claudia prepares for her first day of art school.

Episode 93-Dear Big Sister: Catherine writes up a bunch of letters for Peppermint Patty; Rerun sends Lucy a care package and Sally prepares to drive to college so they can visit Charlie Brown.

Episode 94-Lonesome: Heather and Peggy Jean feel isolated, being the only lesbian couple in the gang until Claudia introduces them to some friends of hers.

Episode 95-The Wheelchair Race: Juliet and Heather go chair-to-chair in a wheelchair race.

Episode 96-Out Of Abuse: Patty, after being hurt by Shermy one time too many, breaks up with him; Shermy pleads for Patty to return into his arms; Violet and Pigpen invite Patty to stay with them while they help fix the h3llhole and Schroeder makes an ultimate decision in his relationship with Lucy.

Episode 97-Into Confidence: A boy named Brook hears about Patty's predicament and keeps her under his wing; Marcie receives counseling to help with her relapsing; Schroeder asks Lucy on a date to the fanciest restaurant in town and Lila visits Snoopy's grave

Episode 98-The Christmas Visit: Charlie Brown drives home for the holidays; Lucy gets an unexpected surprise and Brook introduces Patty to his cousin, a counselor in helping emotionally traumatized victims.

Episode 99-Back On Track: Little Chadd and April's relationship stabilizes again.

Episode 100-The Best News Ever!: Charlie Brown and Sally learn of Little Chadd and April's new relationship status; Marcie tells Peppermint Patty her depression is going away; Lucy announces some big news to her parents and Heather (after four years of misery) regains movement in her toes.

Episode 101-(Mid Season Finale) Here Comes The Bride-To-Be: Schroeder's parents learn about him and Lucy's big news; Linus and Rerun can't understand what the heck is going on and Mr. Van Pelt has to decide whether or not to give Schroeder his blessing.

Episode 102-Don't Despair For: Peppermint Patty, needing some closure from studying, comes across the old oak tree; Charlie Brown's life has become a spiral and Franklin musters the courage to ask Marcie out on a romantic date.

Episode 103-Smiles Are What I'm There For: Franklin recalls his date with Marcie to Charlie Brown; Charlie Brown notices something on Franklin's neck and Peppermint Patty announces to Marcie that she and Charlie Brown are officially a couple.

Episode 104-Brook Has A Girlfriend: Patty and Brook spend more time together as he reveals his childhood to her.

Episode 105-Amputations Aren't Funny: A group of bullies tease Peppermint Patty for having a prosthetic arm, luckily Marcie can knock some common sense in the group of screwballs; Charlie Brown meets a boy with a prosthetic leg and a neck brace; Tara introduces her parents to her boyfriend.

Episode 106-Fever Dreams: Stuck with a fever, Roy has a vivid dream of being the father of Eudora's kids.

Episode 107-Cramming In Study Time: Sally and Eudora study for their finals together with Rerun and Little Chadd.

Episode 108-The Return Of Crybaby Boobie: Crybaby Boobie (now under the name Dianne) becomes a part of the tennis team; Frieda and Marcie decide to cheer for Dianne at the championship in the summer and Shermy gets a bit wild with Patty.

Episode 109-His Child: Patty discovers she's pregnant with Shermy's child; Brook confronts Shermy and Linus helps Patty break the news to her parents.

Episode 110-Our Angel: Peppermint Patty gets her foot stuck in the elevator and begins worrying if she'll need a second amputation; Charlie Brown reassures Peppermint Patty everything will work out and Marcie decides to confess something to Franklin.

Episode 111-(Season Finale) My Warrior From Heaven: Charlie Brown takes Peppermint Patty to the park to celebrate the first day of summer; Franklin meets the Carlins and Sally Brown talks to Linus about her biggest fear-losing him.


Episode 112-Shermy Plots A Plan: Desperate to get Patty back, Shermy prepares a plan to get rid of any obstacles in his way once and for all

Episode 113-It Was A Dark And Stormy Night: Peppermint Patty and Marcie hang out for a while; Violet and Patty have a serious discussion about the latter's future and Shermy prepares to put his plan in action.

Episode 114-When Suddenly A Shot Rang Out: Shermy takes matters in his own hands, can someone stop him before he hurts the people who he trusted?

Episode 115-Aftermath: Charlie Brown asks Shermy an important question; Peppermint Patty stands up and gives Shermy a firm talking to and the police handle Shermy

Episode 116-A Town Painted Red: After the destruction of so many lives, Linus says some valuable words at the funeral of their deceased friends; Schroeder and Lucy try to move on; Charlie Brown comforts Little Chadd that he's not gonna let them take his life and Tara helps clean up the mess.

Episode 117-The Ladybug Law: A new gun control law called the Ladybug Law comes into place; Patty wonders if it could've stopped Shermy; Franklin and Marcie talk about how they feel over the situation at hand and Shermy waits for his court hearing.

Episode 118-The Date Is December's Friday The 13th: A court hearing for Piepler VS the People has been announced to take place on December 13th of Friday; Patty wonders how she could've stopped this from happening; Marcie offers Patty some words of encouragement and Violet helps her best friend understand how these things happen.

Episode 119-A Not So Merry Christmas: It's court day and the PEANUTS gang gives judge Marbles their statements; Christmas break rolls by, but no one's happy; Little Chadd and April find some families leaving presents at the cemetery and Violet aids Patty through the supposedly happiest time of the year.

Episode 120-Hour of Grief: Violet, Pigpen, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder and Linus help Patty cope with the loss of her happiness; Peppermint Patty tries to comprehend how Shermy could hurt so many people and Marcie tries not to relapse with help from Franklin.

Episode 121-Patty's Counseling Lesson: Marcie takes Patty to see her counselor, causing Patty to explain everything.

Episode 122-(Mid Season Finale) My Hero: Brook's out of the hospital (with a broken arm and oxygen tube) and tells Patty what happened.

Episode 123-Childhood Friends: Patty thinks about her friendship with Shermy and how it made her who she was.

Episode 124-PTSD: Marcie and Patty go to another consoling lesson; Patty's diagnosed with PTSD and given medicine to help ease her symptoms.

Episode 125-Visiting Shermy: Charlie Brown visits Shermy in prison with a few letters from the victims' parents and loved ones; Patty spends the weekend with Violet and Pigpen; Claudia, Juliet and Sunny discuss their opinions on Shermy and Peppermint Patty thinks about how people can change for the worse.

Episode 126-Calm After The Storm: Lucy, Violet, Frieda, Tara, Peggy Jean, Heather and Patty go on a nature walk to get back into some sort of normality.

Episode 127-Depression Is Curable: Patty returns the favor to Marcie by reminding her that she will get over her depression; Charlie Brown shows Peppermint Patty how much he loves her and Schroeder starts to realize how fast life goes by when you aren't playing the piano.

Episode 128-Thanks, Patty: Violet's been going through her own hard time and thanks Patty for being a friend.

Episode 129-You're Welcome, Violet: Patty reminds Violet of all the good times they had together.

Episode 130-The Cool Kids: Charlie Brown remembers how he used to be an outcast before college.

Episode 131-Breath: Brook struggles to accept needing an oxygen mask for the rest of his life; Peppermint Patty helps Brook feel good about himself by telling him of her amputation; Franklin and Marcie try cheering Patty up and Violet makes the decision of her life.

Episode 132-Summer's Almost Here: Sally and Eudora make plans for the summer; Peggy Jean gets four tickets to see KIZZ-Heather's favorite band; Peppermint Patty prepares for the Paralympics and Marcie prepares for some time with Franklin and his family.

Episode 133-What's Wrong: Charlie Brown visits Shermy again and Lucy talks to him about anger management courses; Patty introduces everyone to her baby girl, Hope and Sunny takes Juliet out on a date.

Episode 134-Heatwave Like No Other: Even with the A.C on, the PEANUTS gang is dropping dead from heat stroke.

Episode 135-(Season Finale) Pool Party At Chuck's Place: Charlie Brown hosts a pool party for everyone and gets the surprise of his life.


Episode 136-1 Down, 19 To Go: Shermy counts down how long he has to rot in a prison cell.

Episode 137-He's The True Blockhead: Linus, Charlie Brown and Pigpen talk about Shermy back when they were innocent kids.

Episode 138-Floyd Loves Marcie: Floyd goes after Marcie, but gets the surprise of his life when her boyfriend beats him to a pulse.

Episode 139-Marcie Loves Franklin: Franklin gets in trouble with Floyd's parents for hurting him, but claims he was defending his girlfriend; Marcie tries to calm down after a close move too many and Peppermint Patty can't help but wonder how Floyd got past the restraining order

Episode 140-Abort, Abort: A flashback to Season 2's Lambcake 2-Disowned, Marcie looks back on Floyd's impact on her and wonders if it triggered something in her; Linus helps Patty handle Hope-her little bundle of joy and Schroeder gets the best news ever from Lucy.

Episode 141-I'm Proud To Be Your Sister: Catherine tells Peppermint Patty everything she likes about her despite the age gap between the two and Richard Jr; Sally tells Chadd everything she likes about him and Linus and Rerun prepare Lucy a surprise for her birthday.

Episode 142-No More Worries: Marcie and Patty go to another consoling session; Patty tells the counselor how she's feeling and Claudia talks to Charlie Brown about something very important to her.

Episode 143-Cabin Fever: Frieda and Simon recall the time they got stuck in his parents' cabin during a blizzard; Peppermint Patty takes Marcie camping; Roy helps Eudora deal with her dad's death and Linus learns how to play a new instrument.

Episode 144-Pumpkin King: Linus takes Sally pumpkin picking; Catherine and Richard Jr carve their first pumpkin; Chadd and April plan to go out in matching costumes and Charlie Brown makes a pumpkin pie for Peppermint Patty.

Episode 145-DUI: Schroeder's idiotic cousin gets in a DUI incident; Pigpen gets his driver's license and Marcie discovers a new hobby.

Episode 146-(Mid Season Finale) Suicide Scars: At a group counseling class, Marcie meets a young teen with blade scars; Patty talks to an other school shooting victim about her experience and Schroeder tries to comprehend his cousin's idiocy.

Episode 147-From Shy Nerd to Scarred Lady: Peppermint Patty looks back at when she first saw Marcie with self inflicted scars and what caused it; a young adult named Rita shares her experience with Marcie and they form a bond.

Episode 148-Gift Of Gabby: Violet's young cousin-Gabby-gets her a holiday present; Charlie Brown does his Christmas shopping and Lucy witnesses her dad have a stroke.

Episode 149-New Jobs: Violet finds a job as a cake artist at Claire's Cakes; Peppermint Patty tries to find a job that would accept amputees; Schroeder finds a job making music and Charlie Brown gets a break from flipping burgers to drawing comics.

Episode 150-Brooke's Hero Blog: Brooke-too scared to get a job-makes a blog about his journey as a narcoleptic that admires heroes; Linus finds the perfect summer job working at the children's hospital as a 'clown' and Rerun helps out at the animal shelter.

Episode 151-Goodbye, Guys: Tara and April are forced to move away; Peppermint Patty can't imagine being separated from Marcie after an almost fatal car crash; Lucy picks a few bones with the distracted driver and Franklin can't help but breakdown when he can't feel his left leg.

Episode 152-Gizmos and Gadgets: A Fourteen-year-old boy named Gizmo aids Peppermint Patty feel confident after the car crash as they form a bond; Charlie Brown decides to find a way to remember his friends and their accomplishments and Chadd tries to comprehend why April moves away so much.

Episode 153-Open Arms: Marcie goes into an identity crisis about what she's supposed to do in her life; Peppermint Patty gets a new prosthetic arm hand-made by Gizmo; Linus finds out Rerun's gone into an emo phase and Schroeder writes his first song.

Episode 154-I'm Not Ugly, Charlie Brown: A young teenager comes to Charlie Brown for help with being prettier; Brooke gains popularity for his blogging and Frieda decides to help Schroeder publish his song.

Episode 155-It Only Takes A Kiss: Franklin helps Marcie find a job at a hospital that she can do; Sally takes Linus out on a date; Schroeder and Frieda publish more songs and Violet takes Pigpen to see the stars.

Episode 156-(Season Finale) You'd Be Proud, Dad: Eudora mourns her father's death-especially since he never saw her happiness of getting on the honor roll; Peppermint Patty helps her dad get his life back on track after a stroke; Chadd decides to one day become a barber like his dad and Violet decides to make a special cake for her dad's birthday.


Episode 157-Chadd in the Great Big World: Chadd begins Junior High and gets anxious as ever; Peppermint Patty helps Schroeder write some music and Lucy takes a pregnancy test.

Episode 158-Stubborn as a Sir: Marcie gets extremely anxious after things go from bad to worse upon learning about a cyst probably being cancerous; Peppermint Patty tries to cheer her up and Frieda takes Simon on a date.

Episode 159-It's the Thought that Counts: Gizmo takes up more robotics and designs a Billy cart for Franklin's younger cousin; Rerun deals with some school troubles and Sally gets homesick.

Episode 160-Aloha: A young lady named Alanna comes over for a visit and is introduced to the gang. She brings her brothers and sister but will everything go as planned?

Episode 161-Dance, Dance, Revolution, Sir: After getting the CT scans (yet not looking at them for fear of bad news), Marcie goes into a depression again; Simon gets involved in the dance party their cousin 29 is holding and their cousins 89, 21, 30 and 7 have to prepare the party.

Episode 162-Hallo-Scream: Linus and Sally recall the countless Halloweens spent in the pumpkin patch, Franklin prepares some pumpkin spice cookies and Charlie Brown gets ready for trick-or-treaters.

Episode 163-PEANUTS_Equality_in_Teens_Animation Team: The PEANUTS gang prepares an LGBTQ video for Sally's YouTube page.

Episode 164-Oh Nuts: Schroeder and Lucy have a talk about raising a family, Rerun takes Hannah on a date and Peppermint Patty gets concerned about Marcie.

Episode 165-Good News, Everyone!: Rerun discusses his date to Lucy and Linus, Charlie Brown adopts a puppy and Peppermint Patty decides to find a way to help Marcie get her life back on track.

Episode 166-Baby Steps: Chadd takes the first steps to being a quarterback while his friends cheer him on.

Episode 167-(Mid Season Finale) Happy Birthday, Buddy: Charlie Brown tries to remember whose birthday it is.

Episode 168-Freed: Woodstock attempts to help free his granddaughter from her cage at Clara's house.

Episode 169-Forever My Little Friend: Peppermint Patty reminds Marcie that no matter what happens, she'll always be there, Shirley, Sophie and Clara contact Peppermint Patty and Frieda helps Lucy with a project.

Episode 170-Give Yourself a Pat On the Back: Catherine and Richard Jr have a long quarrel, and now they don't want to talk to each other; Chadd struggles to handle both his siblings being high school graduates and Peppermint Patty finds a way to make Marcie happy again.

Episode 171-I'll Always Be Right Here: Marcie gets a bit feverish, but Peppermint Patty won't leave her side even for a minute; Lucy tells Schroeder how she feels about raising children; Sally comforts Linus when he has a breakdown and Claudia meets her new nephew.

Episode 172-Christmas Miracles: Peppermint Patty gets a surprise when Marcie's fever goes from bad to worse, but still stays by her side; Frieda and Simon go on a Christmas date; the twins and Chadd play outside in the snow and Charlie Brown prepares a Christmas present for Peppermint Patty.

Episode 173-Spring Daze: Franklin and Brook have a talk about their girlfriends and how they fell for them; Lucy and Schroeder host a gender-revealing party to find out what gender their baby's gonna be; Patty and Violet talk about how they changed over the years and Peppermint Patty thinks about being a mother.

Episode 174-Patricia Everest Reichardt's Breast Cancer Awareness Fund: Peppermint Patty looks into the cause of her mother's death and decides to do something to remember her.

Episode 175-The Best of Best Friends Forever: Tired and dysfunctional after a long week, Marcie remembers how she and Peppermint Patty became best friends; Claudia plays with her nieces and nephews; Chadd meets up with April and they talk about dating and Richard Jr finds a girlfriend.

Episode 176-What a Family!: With their dad getting sick, Charlie Brown, Sally and Chadd rush to his bedside to cheer him up; Lucy and Schroeder prepare for their baby (insert gender here) and Peppermint Patty decides to visit her mom's grave.

Episode 177-(Series Final): The Rollercoaster of Life: The gang recalls the past eight years and how they changed since then.


It's Our Reunion, Charlie Brown: 5 years after Season 8, the PEANUTS gang begins to slip away until one fortunate even reunites the gang. But will it all be smiles and laughter? Also, how will the gang react to Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty's news?


Step It Up: Twelve-year-old Peppermint Patty learns she's gonna have a stepmother AND a half sibling.

You're A Big Brother, Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown looks back at some pictures of him and Chadd.

Ex Besties: Marcie and Peppermint Patty have a heated argument over Charlie Brown.

Flower Girl: Sequel to Step It Up, the gang is invited to the wedding of Richard Reichardt and Sabrina Erin-Reichardt.

You're A Half Sister, Peppermint Patty: Part three of the Step It Up trilogy, Peppermint Patty finally meets her half sibling...but the result was unexpected

PEANUTS PRIME is another series I'm working on about the gang's PARENTS when THEY were kids

Enemies: Marie always had an unexplained hatred towards the new girl, maybe it was because of how she looked at her futue husband.

You're A Good Man, Silas Brown: Lacie, Larry, Maureen, Richard and Kathleen explain to Silas why he's a good man.

Danielle the Weirdo: Marie and Grant notice Danielle wandering from class to class before calling her weird.

He's Mine: Lacie tells off some girls who get too close to Larry.

Hi, Silas Brown: Maureen acknowledges Silas' existance.

No Way, Danielle: Danielle invites Marie to dinner-or tries to.

I'm even working on some South Park fanfictions. Here's the list of episodes:

Talking In My Sleep: (in progress)

Come to Unknown: (in progress)

Gnome Patrol

Brewing A Formula


Tweeking Out

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