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Name :can't tell you

Age: 13.

Fave animal:dolphins (if you hate then don't tell me where you live or you'll die a painful death by a rusty spoon and a can opener.)

Fave shows: danny phantom, teen titans, charmed, xiolin showdown, and winx club(occasitonly), Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Fave hangout: duh the beach and any where there is a ocean.

i've written over 6 stories and one of then had over 900 hits. great huh. i like my writing and if you contact me and give an idea i'll try to come up with a good story for you.I don't want anyone to review to me just grammer. i know that it not the best but i want reviews on the story not grammer.I'm in starting 8th grade for pete's sake. i have a few friends that do fanfiction. i've also made freinds that do this. and i've read replys of people who really need to get out more. i enjoy walks on a beach. i also take time to think of stories in the car trip. i've always loved fairy tales and i've always been intrested in the elements( basic 4 not the periodic table). i meet a nice guy over fanfiction and i enjoyed his story. His pen name is Green Gallant. i recommand his storys they totally rock. and i hope you can recomade storys to me. i also have a friend named Rain Mistress she is one of my best friends both in and out of fanfition.

read my stories I incourage you to review so i know what to do for the future chapters. i also suck at titles so please if you think of a better name please tell me.

i'm a humor girl and i'm a not real goodie goodie thou people well tell you that. don't know why just people usaly see me as an angel at first.

i love dolphins again and if you hate them then you better watch out.

so here are my storys. oh yay i forgot to mention about my made up charitors. THERE MINE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay in one of my fics about inuyasha i will have the following charictor:

Keoko: a true hybrid. her mother was half dog half wolf demon. giving her the streath, smell, hearing, and brains of a wolf and dog put togather. her father was a human monk and he gave her the sword Ookami Kiba or wolf fang. she was friends with inuyasha scence they were twenty. they sepertared later. because of her human father she like most of the half demon suffers a time when she becomes a human. but instead of it hapanning once a month, she only suffers once ever two months, on the night of a full moon. but instead of half of the day she's human she human for all that day.

Yu Yu hakusho fic:

Amarate: a spirit archer. she owns a black mahogony wood bow with a silver metal string, she never has to carry a quiver of arrows becasuse she creates them with her spirit energy. she owns a white bengal tiger named Karena, who can grow to be any size, but her natural form is a kitten that can easilly come to rest on Amarate's shoulder.

oh yeah and i'm having a anime phase so i'll be working on thouse for a little while.

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