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5/19/21- I am but a reader of stories. And maybe, an amateur storyteller in the near future. I have no illusions though. The best I could do is come up with prompts and write incomplete things at my current skill level. I hope to one day improve and have something worth reading here. I am held back by my desire to only put something up if it is complete. I have seen too many great stories just stop and never get finished. And I have yet to even upload a story! I think I might be getting ahead of myself.

My profile image is a crest I came up with myself. A variation on the yin yang symbol and two tomoe set in a futatsudomoe format. I also take a note from eastern philosophy and add a third color to the crest symbolizing self. So while the tri-color taegeuk symbolizes heaven, earth, and humanity... My crest is more about the constant balancing act of maintaining my sense of yin and yang self, while realizing that it is taking place inside the whole that is me (represented by the red color.) The Futatsudomoe is also associated with divining the future, so I use it here as a representation to always look forward to tomorrow. I have a more thorough breakdown on my DeviantArt page. Have fun looking for that cause I have nearly forgotten my login info for that site!

Some of my story ideas/ brainstorms are as follows:

"Gaijin Hanzo" - Overwatch x Avatar TLA & LoK - {Adventure/ Fantasy/ Spiritual} Hanzo's return to Shimada Castle was noticed by more than Genji alone. An unfortunate encounter cuts off Hanzo's current path, but opens another through the original owner of Hanzo's Bow and Quiver. A Spiritual worm hole leads to new possibilities and a potential redemption in return for a sacrifice. [Hanzo, Gaang, Korra] (I am still in the outline and research phase of this story, I want to challenge the Air Nomads philosophy, specifically Aang's view on not taking a life. I want to expand on the Lion Turtle's hint about bending the energy inside one's self. I want to make warriors of air benders instead of the peace keepers you see in the show. I also want to keep close to the lore of both realms with only slight changes made to fit Hanzo into the AtlA universe. Lots of research to do still at this point (5/17/21) and I am waiting on getting a chance to read Avatar Kyoshi's books. As Real Life Comes First... It might take a while to finally get written.)

"Tales of Raiu" - Avatar Post LoK (possible crossover with overwatch) - {Adventure/ Angst/ Spiritual} Vaatu bonded to a human soul. The Cycle of the Dark Avatar has begun. Raiu is a stronger than normal air bender with a destructive streak in his personality. He finds his bending harder to control and ends up under the tutelage of a retired Captain Meelo. [OC, Older Meelo] (The Idea is nothing new, but I wanted to see about taking a stab at it. Not sure if I will tie it into Gaijin Hanzo or not. Still WAY to early in brainstorm for that. but it could be a possibility.)

"Rise above to the Next World" - RT's RWBY x Berserk - {Adventure/ Horror} Guts is lost and far from most of his companions. Carrying Dragon Slayer and wearing the Berserk Armor, he travels under a shattered moon searching for the way back to Caska and his companions. [Guts, Puck, Team RWBY, Oscar, Crow, Maria] (I started this one after that dosie of a lore drop by Jin. THEN I realized that RT's RWBY is a hellscape unlike any other. RT must want their Remnant to be sucked into the Demiplane of Dread with Oz and Salem as the two Darklords. Hell it meets the criteria! I stopped watching RT's RWBY in season 6 when the writing descended to abysmal levels and my favorite villain Adam was done dirty and subjected to such a character assassination. But when I still held hope for the series, I wanted a struggler to help Team RWBY find their spirit again and hopefully see by Guts example that just because the whole world is against you, never do you stop struggling for the next bit of life. My desire to prop up RT's RWBY sank with Adam's demise. Not sure if I will ever come back to finish this one. Some research done via the anime(s) of Berserk and planned on reading the manga to get a better feel for Guts and Puck interactions. Some writing done and an entry point for Guts into Remnant was planned along with an exit strategy that would have equated to an along the way side quest. Maybe I will come back to it just to give Ruby some hope that RT seems determined to crush.)

"CATCHPHRASE!" - Overwatch x Oum's RWBY - {Adventure/ Humor} Reindhardt and Brigette on their road trip almost run over a wandering Siebren du Kuiper (Sigma) who reacts instinctively with a gravitic flux that forms differently from previous experiments. Fun with Portals and Reinhardt and Brigette are now on Remnant in Vale during a critical time. [Reinhardt, Brigette, Team RWBY & JNPR] (Only in the Idea phase right now. It started as a thought about road trips and fun with portals. Research is ongoing but I would not follow RT's version of RWBY. I would want to follow Monty's original form for RWBY. But research is hard to come by for this. This is not being actively worked on due to burnout from RT's RWBY.)

"X-COM: Hereticus" - X-COM2 x Warhammer 40k - {Sci-Fi/ Suspense}X-COM is just getting itself back together. They finally get their mobile base up and running and they pick up an inbound radar contact coming from the moon. [OCs, X-Com] (very early on in this idea. It spiraled off from me thinking of how the Ordo Hereticus in WH40k would love to use negative psyker level humans as soldiers. Turns out there is a level scale of how much a null/pariah/blank you can be! Then I wanted to have a small stormtrooper team fighting with an inquisitor and his retinue... but in a crossover. But the clashing ideology of an Inquisitor would prevent them from ever accepting working with xenos. Then I remembered X-Com hates aliens as well... I wonder how their null abilities would affect X-COMs psionics...? Rough outline 1/2 done. Still need to complete research)

"Hellwalker" - BtVS x DOOM ETERNAL - {Humor} ONE SHOT. Willow activates all the slayers... Janus decides that the wording is just loose enough to make things more interesting. [Doomguy, Scoobies] (Outline Complete. 1st draft in progress. Revision in progress as of 5/19/21. Done for the LuLz!)

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