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Type of Novel preferance.

  • A bit of Dark or grey environment.
  • Not a weak willed, stupid, or Hypocrite Mc.
  • No matter the path he have chosen, be it good or dark never felling guilty of his/her decision.
  • I mainly prefer Male Mc, there are too much drama in the Female counterparts.
  • I dont really care if there is harem or not, but still prefer 1 or no more than 2 to be his true love.
  • I really hate the I-know-all type of Mc, like the whole world is created just for their enjoyment. They only see few beauty in their life and all those join him in his bed.
  • The most important thing i believe a Mc need is a clear goal, so when the time comes for hard decision he can decides which is more important. Many stories get so much boring due to this problem.
  • Favourite Quotes.

  • Sometimes i really wish to see the world burn. Then I remember it is already burning, i just didn't care until now.

  • If they don't know you personally, don't take it personally.

  • Gate of Hell/War is created by good intentions. 8/10 wars are waged for the "PEACE".

  • People "Die" not when they are killed, they die when they lose their "Faith", they die when they are "Forgotten".

  • People die three time in their life, 1st when they learn they have a single life and start act like one. 2nd when they give up their dream due to various reasons from aging to their children's insistence. And the 3rd time they die when they are forgotten by everyone they knew in their life.

  • Those that don't fear the Sword they wield, have no rights to wield the Sword at all.

  • Words cut deeper than Knives, A knife you can pull out, but words are stuck into your Soul.

  • It's better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved, for what you're not.

  • Its Warriors or Victims, Winner or Loser, nothing in between those two can ever exists.
  • If you're afraid to take a risk for the fear of losing something, then you're risking everything.
  • People try to complicate things, adding complicated Numbers or difficult word to make them sound professional, but in the core it just takes a bit of training and devotion to learn. Life isn’t a Novel, in which talent determines everything, as long as 90% of the people in earth trains themselves properly, then while they may not be Bill Gates, they will definitely be successful. But remember don’t forget about your hopes searching for maternal wealth, because every successful person which to have it. So just be Normal, be happy being NORMAL, some don’t even have a chance for it.
  • IQ helps to make learning process easier, not increase Wisdom. Just because some one has higher IQ doesn’t make them wise, just smart or the ability to gather information faster. Wisdom comes with age, experience and mistakes, after all Failure is the mother of Sucess.
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