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Hello! :D (Sorry, I'm too lazy to write a proper intro about myself haha)


- My Girlfriend is a Gangster?!: Hitsugaya Toushirou has been living his dream of having an ordinary and simple life. That is until he met her. She was the perfect girl, but then again, nobody's perfect right? AU, a bit OCC. Certified HitsuRUKI. Romance, Crime & a little bit of humor. In progress.

- SNOW for HAIR, ICE CUBES for LIPS: HitsuRuki. She was the sister with a hidden dream. He was the former team mate with the dying dream. Who knew that a certain Kuchiki-sama would be the source of events that would break and make their lives? "Life is like basketball. You win or you lose." In progress. About this fic. I deleted the first one and had it undergo total make-over! Please don't hate me! Don't worry, I promise to be a better and more responsible author this time.

- FIRST KISS: My first ever fan fic. ONESHOT. IchiRuki. They were under attack. Rukia was supposed to go on vacation but someone insisted on her staying. Who knew his amber eyes were sexy? Rukia didn't. Not until then... (I know. I suck at )Complete.

Yaezakura: Flower and Thorn: SasuSaku. Beauty and the Beast AU. In progress.

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