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I won't tell anything personal. Just that english isn't my motherlanguage. So from time to time I will have a few typos. Hopefully noone would be angry because of that. I understand english easily in written form and can speak it. So reading the Storys here isn't complicated. But writting is a problem for me. Even so I try my best. Believe it!

First I was just a guest on this site. But theire are so many storys I like. So I just had to sign up. My interest are focused on Anime. Especially with Itachi from Naruto. So I read most times Storys with him. BoyxBoy, Mpreg, BoyxGirl, ItaxOC all is included. My favorite Pairings till now are:

NarutoxItachi / ItachixNaruto
Harry PotterxItachi (I love this Crossovers!)
ItachixRias (a very sweet Pairing)
PainxItachi / ItachixPain

and so much more. I like it if Itachis Lover coddles him. Itachi is someone I can see in the Uke and Seme position. But I like him as uke a little bit more. Cause in my opinnion he should be worshipped and he should just enjoyed being spoiled. Especially he has to be always strong. So he earned it to be relaxed for a change and to be loved.

I really have so many ideas for storys. But I'm not really a good writer. Especially in english. In my motherlanguege I am somewhat pasable. So if someone takes request for my favorite fandoms, i list below, just pm me.

My favorite Fandoms are the fallowing:

Naruto (who has guessed that?)
Black Butler (Ciel is just to endearing with his demonic butler)
Fairy Tail (so many strong women and hot guys. Than the action. Who doesn't like a good fight.)
Black Cat (Train is to sweet)
Bleach (just till Aizen is defeated. Everything after that isn't for me)
Vampire Knight (Kaname-sama!)
HunterxHunter (Killua's development is in my opinion astonishing.)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (The couple KuroganexFai is worth watching it.)
Highschool DxD (Rias have enchanted me and that isn't simple to archive.)
Gundam 00 (by far the best Gundam series. I love all 4 Gundam Pilots.)
Gundam Seed / Destiny (Much drama. But I love Athrun. Especially in Destiny.)
Yami no Matsuei (a much underestimated fandom. I mean Shinigamis with godlike powers? Hisoka has my pity.)
Loveless (NEKOS!!!!)
Akatsuki no Yona (Just so funny. I love this anime and manga.)
Digimon Frontier (After the disappointing third series, this one rescued Digimon in my opinion. I really like the twins)
Code Geas (Yeah mechas again. Lelouch is my favorite in this. A good antihero.)
Fullmetal Alchemist /Brotherhood (I love both versions. Again sweet brothers who do everything for the other.)
Free (Fanservice I know. But Rin has won a place on my fav-char list.)
Yuri on ice (I love shounen ai and this one is a masterpiece which lets our fantasie fill the holes XD)
Magi (A wonderful story, which gets complicated in the Manga. But the anime is just fascinating. Sinbad and Judal are my favorites here.)
Haikyuu (the most captivating sports anime I know)
Nanatsu no Taizai (Demons, Fairies, giants, Immortals, magic wielders and humans. in the middle a princess with a criminal Ex-Knight Group. What can go wrong? XDXD)
Death Note (L solves any case with a piece of cake!)
Servamp (a vampirecat turns into a gigantic lion? A must see!)
Arcana Famiglia (yeah, I don't have much to say to this. )
Divine Gate (To short but worth watching. I love Aoto.)
Noragami (Yatos, Yukines and Hiyoris growing is exciting to watch.)

This List isn't in a specific order. I just wrote them down how they came to my mind.

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