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Johnathan Agustus Mandrake


(Really? Yea, how about no?)


North Carolina, US


February, 8th

Sites I'm On:

DeviantArt, Wattpad, Fanfiction.net, and others i cant remember (I've had more accounts than I have cousins... I have sixteen on my mom's side alone. so, yea, alot.)

About me:

I'm weird but I'm normal, I'm fairly smart but kinda crazy, I'm pretty antisocial but still like to hang out with friends, I like to play mind games and keep people guessing, I hate any form of violence (IRL only - FPS GAMES RULE!!!) but can hold my own with a fifth teir blackbelt in tai-quan-do(lat time was when i was 10 - poor, poor sensei... hope he forgave my 10 year-old self for kicking his ass! ;P), I am hard to anger but explode when pushed far enough, I have major trust issues but my friends are my family(you shouldn't ever mess with my family if you value your sanity), and I am an all around artist (Culinary, Photography, Theater, Music, and, of course, Reading and Writing).

All in all, I'm just trying to get through life with as little trouble and as much fun as possible... I may be an adult but I'll always be a kid at heart (like that one uncle that's more like an older brother, crazy uncle, or a good friend due to having never grown up).

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