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Hi Everyone!

I love reading fics (obviously) and have a wide variety categories that I can't get enough of. They include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, House, the Outsiders, a little Fantastic Four, some Everwood, National Treasure, and Hetalia Axis Powers. I tend to have periods of reading one category only, and as I go through phases, my avatar will change to match it. I originally came here for Harry Potter fics, (hence LupinandHarry) but I've expanded my fic reading since then.

I dunno I guess if you've read THIS far you might want to know a little about me:

-Hm..I like the beach, baseball, polka dots, animals, popcorn shrimp, and hanging out with my friends. (I like more things than that, but bear with me this is but a taste of the true me)

-I dont like obnoxious little kids, celery, being sick, pidgeons, waking up early, and/or people who take forever to do things.

If you want, message me! I enjoy meeting new people (so long as you aren't a rapist or anything o.0 ) Don't be shy I won't bite!

I've written two one-shots. One takes place in the Harry Potter universe during the marauder era, and it involves young marauders (who weren't event the 'marauders' yet). The other is a Harvest Moon fic, which is what I think happened after you finish the game. - Reading and Reviewing would make me happy! I prefer reading more than writing, but I figured I might as well make a contribution or two while I'm here.

Hannon Le for your patience mellyn nin thanks to Lilynette for correcting that phrase (again lol) =D

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