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Alright, settle in. This might be a long one.

First, a bit about me. My first foray into writing was, where else, but good old fashioned school. I never thought I had much talent at that, but then I took second place in a writing competition and got a check for $50 (that I never cashed, for some reason). But, being me, I still thought I was shit at this (still do, to be honest), but I eventually decided to pick up the pen and start writing actual stories. Or so I tried to do, before I realized I couldn't write stories for all crap back then, and never posted anything.

Then I stumbled on Legacy of Despair, a Danganronpa fanfiction series started by Crit Fail, and that's where things changed. Some time after I got into the series, I offered to write a spin-off for the series. This spin-off became my first published story, Central City of Despair. However, as some of you know, it fell apart due to lack of motivation and some unfun people ruining my plans because they were "dumb". Since I was more of a pushover back then, I ended up changing my plans, and my motivation tanked. Recently, this led to me officially rebooting CC as Chambers of Hades, a story that should be a lot more fun.

Another new development for me has been getting into the Fate series. As it happens with people here, this led to me starting Fate/Lumos, which is going to be my main project for quite a bit, or so I hope haha. In any case, this has led to getting into Fate Grand Order and suffice to say... the gacha salt is real.

I suppose this leads into my next topic: gaming. I've been a gamer for nearly my whole life, and I enjoy little more than snuggling up in my bed and wasting the hours away playing whatever game I want to at that moment. In terms of what games, mostly RPGS and similar games, such as Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Persona (even if it's only one game that I've played), and "mainstream" Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda. My favorite game of all time, however, would be Okami. Absolutely love that game, and it's definitely a game everyone should play. This is also the part of the bio where I put in a recommendation for Huniepop, as long as you're at least 15 or something.

Speaking of Pokemon, though, I suppose I should mention my favorite of the little pocket monsters. Contrary to my username, my favorite is actually not Mudkip, but rather Ampharos. I just use Mudkip for my pen name because it fits much better, no?

Now, to talk about anime. My first anime was *cue laughter from the audience* Sword Art Online, an anime I still love despite all of its flaws, and what people say about it. From there, I haven't watched that many shows, but those I have, I've generally enjoyed, such as Kekkai Sensen, Fairy Tail, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night [UBW, Fate/Stay Night [Heaven's Feel Parts 1 and 2, Carnival Phantasm, Death Note, High School DxD (you come for the "plot" and stay for the plot), and other shows that I never really finished, like Deadman's Wonderland. Really, the only bad anime I would say I've watched would be School Days, which I only watched because Bile Fascination is a bitch and a half lol.

Finally, I guess I'll take a page from Celestial Sky Dragon's book and list out some of my waifus, because why the fuck not, amirite? Be warned, this might be long.

Fate Series:

- Rin Tohsaka

- Artemis (FGO)

- Scathach (FGO)

- Mordred

- Atalanta

- Kiyohime (FGO)

- Ushiwakamaru (FGO)

- Francis Drake (FGO)

- Hassan of the Serenity (FGO)

- Ereshkigal (FGO)

Fairy Tail:

- Mira

- Lucy

- Erza

Fire Emblem:

- Setsuna

- Cherche

- Felicia

- Nina

- Ophelia

- Celica

- Lysithea

- Yuri (wait, he's a dude?)

- Dorothea

- Shamir

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