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Space 1999 has always held a very special place in my heart. As a young girl of 14, I fell in love with it when it ran on South African television in 1977. Victor Bergman immediately became my favorite character, and when another short series, "The Zoo Gang", also featuring Barry Morse ran on South African television, Barry quickly became my favorite actor. Being a type of go-getter creative person, I investigated and found that Space 1999 had been filmed at Pinewood Studios, so with stars in my eyes, I wrote Barry a letter. And miracle of miracles, he wrote back. Thus started a friendship that lasted from 1978 until his death in 2008. In 1991 Barry and his dear wife Sydney, visited me in South Africa. I was a working woman by then, but he was still my favorite. When I came to the USA, I met with him again in Atlanta, GA, where he was doing his one-man show "Merely Players" for the Performing Arts Lodges. A truly remarkable, gentle, wonderful man. I miss him dearly.

My Space 1999 fiction therefore obviously features Victor Bergman very prominently. I never cared much for the cardboard cutout John Koenig, and while Helena Russell was equally stiff, she had potential. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul and Sandra, the fiery Carter and David Kano. While I understand the need for action and special effects in a science fiction presentation, I felt the characters had much more potential than was ever realized. Even as a girl, I wrote many of my own stories, but of course without the internet, they went nowhere. Now, in my "old age" I'm re-watching my DVD set often, and think with fondness back to the days I called myself an Alphan at school. And I've just had the urge to write... so, I wrote. Enjoy!

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