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I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I like Harry Potter series till book 5. I am not a big fan of book 6 and 7.

My favourite character is Ron.

I also created the Ron Weasley Appreciation Website. Visit (ronweasley dot co)

I mostly read Ron centric stories .

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First, I like to address all the Ron bashers.

I did not give a dam about Ron bashers, and I always try to avoid them. Reasoning with them is a waste of time. But unfortunately one time I got in an argument, and now I would like to mention my point here.

Trios are a powerful thing. A trio is a balancing act, and these three are an excellent illustration of how that works. Hermione has the knowledge, the skills, but she’s not the most personable human being in the world. Besides Ron and Harry, Hermione has no friends whatsoever. She’s a difficult kid to pal around with. For Harry, we see what both Ron and Hermione lacked. Leadership. People like Harry a lot. He’s sensitive to the treatment and care are given to others. He excels at drawing people to him and gaining their trust.

And Ron. He provides a sense of family unity and street smarts. While Ron himself may often feel crushed by the burden of familial expectations, he extends the closeness of the Weasley clan to his friends. Harry and Hermione do both eventually become members of his family through marriage, but more importantly, Ron always treats them as blood. Harry spends every holiday at the Burrow. Ron is the one who asked his mother to send Harry a Weasley jumper for Christmas gift. You must appreciate the thoughtfulness of an eleven-year-old boy. And please the unconditional love both Harry and Hermione receive from the Weasleys is only because Ron's family knows how much these children mean to their son(Not because they are 'The Harry Potter' and 'The smartest witch'). I mean, he steals the family hover-car with the help of the twins because he’s worried that Harry is being held hostage by his abusive relatives. Clearly that knight parallel from their mega chess battle is looking more and more apt.

In addition, because Ron is only one out of the trio who grew up in the wizarding world, he has an immediate frame of reference and level of comfort that they both lack. Even Hermione’s book smarts cannot make up for Ron’s practical know-how(Ex. SPEW), a kind of intelligence that often gets no credit at all. More to the point: you cannot be a whiz at chess and be an idiot.

Because Ron has fewer expectations placed on him, he often feels the weight of people’s indifference toward his accomplishments. Which is perhaps another way of saying, yeah, on occasion, Ron gets incredibly jealous. Jealousy is often marked as one of the most undesirable traits in a human being, but it’s entirely common. So — is Ron’s jealousy understandable? He is the youngest out of six brothers, each accomplished and unique in their own right, and he feels a need to live up to their examples. Then he ends up picking one best friend who’s famous and congenial, and another who is a near-genius at excelling in every way that he has been taught to value.

And please, don’t give me that bunk about “if Ron had studied harder in school, maybe he wouldn’t have so much to complain about.” Not everyone is a superstar student, even if they are academically inclined. (Which Ron is clearly not for the most part.) This is counting out the fact that Ron’s family is living at a near-poverty level. Ron Weasley is accustomed to having very little, and his inferiority complex is only heightened by the constant battering he takes from kids like Draco Malfoy, who need to prove their superiority by tearing him down for his class bracket. These are the most common insults levied at Ron; he’s dumb, untalented, and poor. Funny how often those items are paired together by bullies. The idea that it is impossible to feel any jealousy that might spring from that treatment is simply unrealistic. In fact, it is more likely that we rail against Ron’s bouts of less-than-stunning behavior because we’ve all been standing right where he is and done something we regretted.

The movies did no favor to Ron. In books, he is intelligent with a wicked sense of humor. Most of the Ron qualities are given to Hermione in the movies. When Steve Kloves (who wrote the majority of the Potter screenplays) met J.K. Rowling for the first time, he told her straight up that Hermione was his favorite character.

But this resulted in an undercutting of Ron’s entire character from the first movie itself. When the trio goes after the Philosopher’s Stone, they face a series of tests that demand each of their skills in turn. Time likely demanded that this sequence is cut down, and so Hermione’s test—solving Professor Snape’s potion riddle—was removed entirely. To make up for this, she gets them out of the Devil’s Snare, Professor Sprout’s deadly plant. Hermione shouts to Harry and Ron to relax so the foliage will release them—but Ron continues to panic and moan, requiring Hermione to blast the thing with a sunlight spell.

In the book, Hermione is the one who panics. She remembers what her lessons taught her—that the Devil’s Snare will recoil at the fire—but frustrates at their lack of matches while they are being strangled to death. Ron immediately shrieks to the rescue YOU ARE A WITCH YOU HAVE A WAND YOU KNOW SPELLS.

It’s a simple change, but it makes such a marked difference in how both characters come off to an audience. Rather than a near-infant, incapable of following the clearest directions, Ron is the even-keeled nitty-gritty one. He’s a tactician, the one who will find the simplest answer to a problem provided that the situation is dire enough to ensure his clear head. Ron is good under pressure and brave to boot. He’s also hilarious.

Emma Watson matured and improved much faster than her costars in terms of talent—and Steve Kloves liked her portrayal so much that he started giving her many of Ron’s important lines. During The Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black is trying to get to Peter Pettigrew, but Ron and Hermione are convinced he’s after Harry. In the book, Ron stares up defiantly from his mangled, broken leg and tells Sirius Black that if he wants Harry, he’ll have to get through his friends first. And in the film, it’s Hermione who boldly steps in the line of fire while Ron sobs in pain and babbles incoherently.

These rewrites not only portray Ron as an idiot coward— but they also make him an outright jerk. For what? To get Hermione more sympathy by the audience? When Professor Snape snaps at Hermione yet again for being an insufferable know-it-all, movie-Ron gives her a look and drawls, “He’s right, you know.” You cannot be a friend with that kind of person. But wait in books Ron immediately jumps to Hermione's defense and shouted at Snape — "You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?" And he did lose house points and a detention for her.

But we never get any moments even in the books where both Hermione and Harry thanks Ron to come for their defense. And more importantly, he did not expect anything in return. He always defended his friends and family like it was his duty and shrugged it off as nothing.

But let me tell you this if you are been bullied, by the end of the day you do not remember that harsh words of the bullies. What you remember is the silence of your friends. And I will always be grateful to have a friend like Ron who will jump to my defense every time. I am not saying that Harry and Hermione do not appreciate Ron's friendship. I know Hermione adores Ron and thinks very highly of him but she did a very poor job of showing it. And I am very disappointed in her when she gets a chance to defend Ron from the twins when he gets a Prefect badge, but she remains silent. And as I said earlier a silence of a friend hurt more than the harshful words of a bully.

Harry and Ron's friendship is quite strong in the books and it is potray very poorly in the movies. I mean it was Ron who Harry missed most, Right. It shows in books how much Harry wants that fight to be over in the fourth year. It is not that he is hating his time with Hermione. But it was clear that he gets fed up by Hermione's seriousness and he craves Ron's company. Harry was pretty miserable when Ron left them on the hunt. It was clear in the books that he and Hermione barely talked. And I loved their reunion in the books and the way Harry comforts Ron after he destroyed the locket followed by the first real hug between two best mates. But in movies, what happened. Nothing!

So those who bash Ron who only sees movies, I recommend them to read the books.

Now comes all those mindless peoples who acknowledge themselves as a huge Harry Potter fan and still bash Ron. I believe those who hate Ron are a pathetic excuse of a human being. They are not nice people in real life, and I am not even sorry for saying it. Those are the same people who will judge you for every single little mistake, and I always try to stay away from them.

1. Peoples bash Ron because he called Hermione a 'nightmare' and nearly got her killed.

I laugh out loud at this. Ron was irritated by Hermione who keeps pestering him in the charms class and he was only having fun with his group of friends which he immediately regretted afterward. He never intends Hermione to overhear this conversation. If he calls Hermione 'a nightmare' and makes fun of her in front of her face, then it will consider as downright cruel. But those people forget that Hermione also calls Ron 'an insensitive wart' or 'emotional range of a teaspoon' or 'a pig' or 'a prat' or 'an idiot' etc. over the years and direct in front of his face. Ron is a chess master for fucks sakes who beat McGonagall at the age of eleven, and chess genius are never an idiot. While I do not think that Ron calls her other than a 'know it all.' (If yes, then let me know.) The reason behind Hermione calls him names because either she is irritated with him or having a fun, same reason for Ron calling her a nightmare. So those who consider calling Hermione 'a nightmare' is a reason to hate Ron are not good people.

These are the same people who hate Ron calling Hermione by names and love Draco Malfoy. Haaa!. Pathetic excuse of a human being! Draco Malfoy is always downright cruel to Hermione and Ron always comes to her defense before anyone else. I suggest these peoples visit a psychiatrist.

And those who blame Ron for getting Hermione almost killed by the troll must have some nerve for criticizing him. Yes, Hermione was crying in the bathroom because Ron called her a nightmare. But he does not push her to the bathroom, and the presence of a troll was not Ron's fault. It is Quirrell who should be blamed for getting Hermione almost killed not Ron. In fact, Ron feels guilty about it, and as an eleven-year-old, he could be chosen not to care about Hermione. But both he and Harry decided about Hermione's safety first and fight the troll for her. 'The emotional range of a teaspoon, yeah?' Ron has nothing to blame about the troll. NOTHING.

But if you still blame Ron about the troll then let me give you some real-life examples.

26/11/2008 Mumbai attacks and many more. Unfortunately, many peoples get killed in these attacks. The above peoples must have blamed the person's reason to be present in the unfortunate location, not the terrorist, yeah? If not, then you also do not have any right to blame Ron for the Troll.

Rant to be continued...

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