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RIP Stan Lee (1922-2018)

The REAL Marvel hero to ALL generations


"Cosplay! It's More Fun In The Philippines!" - my opinion

Apologies to those following my stories.When Writer's Block took hold of me, I had no idea it's grip would be so firm. New ideas keep popping into my head, but ones that could be used to write new chapters for already existing work just aren't coming forth. My stories haven't been abandoned, unless I've previously stated that they already are - Lost, Screw It, Abyss,and The Sake Cup being the dead ones.

One day, I hope to complete the remaining ones and stop disappointing those who are expecting updates...


Write a 100,000 word chapter (roughly 150 pages in a word/text document) for any story. (DONE)

Write a 500,000 word story for any category/genre.

Write a 750,000 word story for any category/genre.

Write a 1,000,000 word story for any category/genre.

Write and publish a completed story in FictionPress.

In Progress: (but suffering from Writer's Block)


Lost and Found

The Power Series: Power (Power 2)

The Dark Curses Series: Horcrux (Dark Curses 5)

Heaven Is But A Dream


New Folder

Devil's Handshake

The Purpose Series: Satisfaction (Part 2)


DEAD: (I know when something isn't worth pursuing, learned the hard way

Lost (Permanent Hiatus - It became too BIG, I'll admit and am saddened to admit that the possibility of an update for it is slim to none)

Screw It - I don't really know what the point is anymore, what reason I had to even begin it...

Abyss - I honestly don't even know why I wrote it...

The Sake Cup - unfortunately the crack ran out, but it was cracktastic while it lasted


Powerless (Power 1)

At Point Blank (one-shot)

Life Before Loneliness (one-shot)

Avada Kedavra (Dark Curses 1)

Crucio (Dark Curses 2)

Imperio (Dark Curses 3)

Morsmordre (Dark Curses 4)

Change (Purpose 1)

If one is into humor there are three One-shots that I would recommend reading:

Meeting of MiNdS

Meeting of BoDiEs

PostHogwarts Idiocy

The following two fics, I'd recommend reading ONLY if you have absolutely nothing else to read:


Poetry to the First Degree

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