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It's been recently brought to my attention that some people actually read these things, so I figured I may as well not leave it blank, so I'm going to give you a Genin introduction.

Likes: Star Wars, ASOIAF, Naruto, Overlord, other assorted Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Arctic Monkeys. You know, the good stuff.

Dislikes: Opera, France, Voyager (the show not the satellite) and Moderators

Hobbies: reading, playing video-games, watching TV and tea-brewing.

Wait, you still reading this?

... and I thought I was lifeless.

Ok, so dreams for the future, same as Tyrion Lannister, hoping to die at a ripe old age, belly full of wine while receiving a BJ.
That is all.

Ja ne!

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