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Gender: Male.

Birth-date: September seventh 1990.

First Name: Cory

Height: Five foot nine an a half give or take.

Weight: 164 lbs give or take.

Nationality: 99% European mutt.

Home State: California.

Pets: A cat, two dogs and several chickens.

Likes: Anime, Fan fiction(Duh), Video games, Reading, and animals.

Dislikes: Vegetables, Politics, Religious Fanatics(not religion itself mind you, only the crazy people that constantly need to tell you that you're going to hell if you aren't just like them), and stupidity.

Hates: Animal abusers, Criminals(not breaking the law isn't hard, I've done it my entire life), and people who judge you on things outside of your control.

Primary dream for the future: Find a job that I enjoy that pays decent wages, get a decent size house out in the country with a few acres of property somewhere in Montana or Wyoming, own a few horses, some chickens, a couple of goats, a cow or two, a few dogs, and some cats, and most important, a woman who I could love and loves me, to spend the rest of my life with.

Secondary and much less likely dream for the future: Somehow become a billionaire and spend a few decades traveling the globe, living for a year or two in each country I like, and then buying a summer home in Alaska and a winter home in Hawaii and spending the rest of my life in peace.

Original Characters.

If anyone wants to to use any of my oc's just pm me and ask.


The Hayashi Clan.

Clan Traits: Members of the Hayashi Clan as a whole have darkly tanned skin and well muscled yet athletic builds.
The most common breast size for the clan women would be a B-cup, followed by A, and very rarely C, anything larger is completely unheard of, they all have phenomenal asses to make up for it though. ;)
They usually have brown or black hair but other colors are not uncommon.
While the men can grow facial hair, it does not get very long, usually no more than a quarter-inch.
Their canine teeth and the teeth immediately in front of and behind are sharper and slightly longer than the average human.
They have catlike eyes in that the pupil is vertical slit and the iris covers the entire visible surface of the eye.
All members of the clan have claws replacing normal finger and toenails, for clansmen who have bonded felines the claws are retractable, but for the rest they are not.
These claws are very strong and sharp and when reinforced with chakra can stand up to steel weapons and tear through flesh and bone like tissue paper.
The average body temperature of the Hayashi clansmen is two to three degrees higher than normal humans.
Though their lifespan is comparable to average humans, members of the Hayashi clan mature quicker than others, usually entering puberty by eight or nine years old and reaching full physical maturity by fifteen or sixteen.
The Hayashi clan as a whole specializes in speed, agility, flexibility, and stealth, and their fighting style mirrors this.
Whenever possible they will attempt to take down an opponent before he even knows their there, this does not however mean they are weak or hate combat, quite the opposite in fact.
When forced into sustained battle the Hayashi clansmen fight with savage grace and ferocious skill combining lightning-fast kicks, knees, elbows, and palm strikes with savage swipes of their chakra-reinforced claws(they have even been known to bite when the situation called for it) alongside their animal companion.
They never stand still in battle and are constantly running, jumping, and sprinting around the battlefield, they will never block an attack they can dodge and in the belief of many clansmen, if you can't dodge you're doing it wrong.
They rarely use weapons in battle, preferring to use their natural claws, but if it should ever be necessary to take down a target at long-range many in the clan are expert marksmen(be it with bow and arrow, shuriken, or throwing knives).
The clans primary elemental affinities from most to least common are Earth(the most common, a good 40% of the clan posses it), Water(the next most common, around 30% are born with it), Wind(neither rare nor common, about 20% of the clan are wind users), and Lightning(fairly rare, only about 8% are lightning users), Fire is very rare(only three people in the clans history have had a primary fire element).

Clan Ties: The Hayashi clan has always had a close tie to the Senju clan.
In the warring clans era, before the founding of the hidden villages if one country hired the Senju clan you could bet your life that the Hayashi would be right there fighting beside them.
This had the unintended side effect of causing an intense, if one-sided(Uchiha) rivalry with the Uchiha clan.
The Uchiha clan grew increasingly frustrated by the fact that even with their vaunted Sharingan(just because your fancy hacker eyes can see me coming doesn't mean your body's fast enough to do anything about it), only the elites, the very best of the best of the Uchiha were capable of countering/matching the speed of the Hayashi.
After the founding of Konohagakure, the Hayashi clan became fast friends with the Inuzuka clan.
Due to their similarities in fighting style and personality they formally became allies, trading jutsu, resources, and even intermarrying, to this day many Hayashi have traces of Inuzuka blood and vice-versa, The head of The Inuzuka clan, Tsume, was even married to the brother of the current head of the Hayashi clan.
The Hyuuga clan has no love for the Hayashi, as the Hayashi have made it their mission in life to dislodge the sticks that the Hyuuga have managed to firmly wedge up their own asses by whatever means necessary.
The Hayashi clan has no specific ties to the rest of the clans in the village, but are on a friendly basis with them all nonetheless.

Clan Hierarchy: The clan head, and then everyone else.
Unlike the other clans of Konoha, the leader of the Hayashi clans only duty is as the public face of the clan and their representative in the council, on other matters the clan runs itself.
As the position is elected and not inherited, the children of the clan head are not given special treatment as there are no heirs or heiresses.
When the current head of the Hayashi clan steps down, is removed for some reason, or dies, the clan and the Hokage come together and nominate anywhere between two and ten individuals they believe have the qualities required to lead the clan.
When all the nominees are gathered, depending on the number one of two things will happen, if there is an odd number of nominees they have a battle royal and the last one standing is the new head, if the number of nominees is even however, they hold a tournament and the winner is named clan head.
These events are held publicly in the village arena and the clan sells tickets to watch the fights.

Clan Abilities: All members of the clan have heightened senses, they have perfect night vision and can make out faces or identify a headband from half a mile away.
They have heightened perception and can easily track targets at high-speed almost as well as a Sharingan.
They can hear the heartbeat of a mouse from a hundred feet, and their sense of smell is equal to or greater than a trained tracking hound, due to the enhanced smell and hearing, the are quite capable of functioning without their sight, usually able to fight at seventy to ninety percent of their maximum potential when blinded.
All members of the clan have the potential to bond an animal companion.

Unlike the Inuzuka, who are given a dog to bond with or the Aburame, who are given insects to host within their bodies, the Hayashi clan can bond any warm-blooded(birds & mammals) carnivorous/omnivorous(as long as it occasionally hunts down and kills another creature for sustenance it counts) animal, the process is a unique and spiritual experience for every member.
When a young Hayashi comes of age in the eyes of the clan(entering puberty or becoming a Genin, whichever comes first) they are sent out of the village to find their companion, most members have a general idea of what kind of animal they are compatible with due to dreams that begin with the onset of puberty.
After leaving the village they must travel to an area near to where their destined animal dwells, and begin to meditate.
While meditating they need to focus their mind on the dreams of their animal and begin pulsing their chakra in time with their heartbeat.
No matter how far away, the one animal they are compatible with will feel it and be drawn to it, depending on how close the animal is this could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few weeks.
Once the process is started it must not be interrupted for any reason, if the meditation is stopped for even a second the will lose synchronicity permanently and never be able to bond a companion.
If all goes well and the animal makes it to the clansman then they must place their dominant hand on the animal's head and activate the bonding jutsu, when activated the bonding jutsu grants each party the memories, knowledge, and experiences of the other.
The animal gains human intelligence, emotions, the ability to use chakra, a name(neither the Hayashi nor the animal pick the name, it simply becomes known to them after the bonding process) and the ability to speak(both in the mind of their companion and aloud)and now has a comparable age and lifespan to their bonded, as well as physical changes that very animal to animal but can include increased size, unique markings, unusual fur color, or front paws becoming more hand-like.

What the human gains will depend on the animal they bond(most will begin growing fur, not everywhere though, the best comparison would be a super saiyan 4 from Dragonball GT), for example if a bear was bonded the clansmen would receive increased height, strength, and muscle mass as well as a slightly improved sense of smell and thicker, stronger claws, if a Hayashi bonded a bat they would likely acquire improved hearing and night vision, as well as the ability to use echo-location, and if a bird of prey was bonded the clansmen in question would gain greatly enhanced sight range and may start growing random feathers interspersed with their hair.

Clan Quirks: The Hayashi clansmen are almost strictly carnivorous and eat very few fruits and vegetables, they love hunting, fishing, and just being out in nature whenever possible. They give thanks to the spirits of every animal they kill and make sure that nothing goes to waste.
Almost every member of the clan, young or old, male or female hates wearing clothes.
Now when they are required to interact with others outside of the clan compound like going out on missions or in to town for shopping or meetings with the other clans, they will wear enough to be considered decent(but never will they wear shoes, ever, seriously, fuck shoes.) but when they are within the bounds of their compound, out hunting, or just wandering the forest they will be naked as the day they were born.

Clan name: Hayashi.

Given name: Mayumi.

Birthday: September third.

Age: 17 pre time-skip.

Height: 5'9".

Weight: 170 lbs.

Build: Athletically muscular.

Sexual orientation: Straight(possibly bi, she has never confirmed nor denied it)

Breast Size: Large A bordering on B

Hair style/color: Shoulder length brown hair with a white streak up front, worn in a high ponytail on missions.

Personality: When at home or with friends Mayumi is very energetic and outgoing and loves to be in near constant motion(though she is not opposed to taking cat-naps in the sun/shade when the weather is nice).
She is generally a happy person and loves playing pranks(she claims its to help with her stealth training but everyone knows she doesn't need it, she's so naturally quiet when she's not trying to be noticed that she inadvertently sneaks up on and scares the crap out of pretty much everyone, even other ninja). Mayumi is a huge flirt, man or woman it doesn't make a difference(it's mostly done for fun, very rarely does she flirt seriously, she just loves the amusing/witty reactions/banter she gets from people, especially the girls, they're reactions are always interesting).
When on missions Mayumi's personality shifts mildly, though her base personality still shows, she becomes calmer, and more serious.
During combat, depending on the type she has different personalities.
In life or death combat the old Mayumi disappears completely and she becomes silent and focused, never letting herself get distracted, the only emotions she displays are anticipation and confidence(not arrogance, she is simply supremely confidant in her own abilities and her knowledge of how to use them) and the drive to win.
Like the majority of her clan, Mayumi is not one for bragging, trading insults, or describing how she is going to beat her opponent, her only goal is to end the battle as quickly and cleanly as possible.
When sparring with friends and comrades, Mayumi's personality stays much the same as always, just slightly more focused. In a non life or death battle scenario, a tournament for example, Mayumi's personality is a perfect balance of the two others, all the drive and focus of life or death mode but still enjoying herself and willing to banter with her opponent like friendly sparring mode.

Likes: Makena, aunt Tsume and cousins Kiba & Hana, Anko(sometimes), meat(especially venison), nature, and the village.

Dislikes: Poachers/trophy hunters("if your going to kill something you need to use every part of it, if you only kill for a trophy, or for a feeling of power you're no better than a murderer in my eyes"), general formality, uptight people, Anko(sometimes), wearing clothes("seriously, why's everyone so against nudity, it's like no one has ever seen a naked body before"), and kunoichi that think they need to diet to stay thin("I probably eat over eight thousand calories a day and the only fat on my body is all focused in my boobs").

Hobbies: Leather-working, wood carving, hunting, spear fishing, hiking, swimming, reading, playing pranks, and taking naps.

Dreams for the future: To become the fastest ninja alive and to one day surpass Minato Namikaze in speed(only physical speed mind you, there's no way I could hope to beat the Hiraishin)

Eyes: Was born with bright yellow eyes, the irises covering entire visible surface of eye and catlike pupils, developed heterochromia after bonding Makena, the process causing her left eye to turn green.

Skin color: deeply tanned from spending most of her time outdoors.

Distinguishing features: Diagonal scar starting on her left cheek, crossing the bridge of her nose and continuing an inch into her hair-line(white hair growing from where the scar intersects her hair-line) and a large deep scar just above and to the right of her heart where she was stabbed by a kunai on a botched mission.

Sight: Can count the leaves on a tree or recognize someones face from half a mile away, perfect night vision, and heightened perception and ability to track moving targets that rivals a Sharingan.

Hearing: when focused can pinpoint the location of a person by the sound of their heartbeat from up to 100 feet away.

Sense of smell: Equal to or greater than a trained tracking hound , capable of recognizing people and objects by scent alone.

Rank: Chunin.

Strength: C rank.

Chakra control: B rank.

Chakra capacity: C rank.

Chakra element: Water
Secondary element: Lightning

Speed: High A/Low S rank

Agility: High A/Low S rank

Stealth: High A/Low S rank

Skill level.
Taijutsu: High B/low A rank. Nearly mastered her clans unique fighting style.
The eight inner gates: Can open two of the eight gates, not interested in learning to open the rest as she believes the cost outweighs the gain.
Tunneling fang.
Fang over fang.

Proficiency: C rank, only knows the basic ones taught at the academy and the few clan Genjutsu's that amplify the effect of killing intent and/or dull their opponent's senses.
Detection: Low B rank, due to her enhanced senses and mental connection to Makena you have to catch them both at the same time, only a Genjutsu that affects sight, hearing, and smell simultaneously or a Bloodline based Genjutsu is effective.

Summoning jutsu (No summoning contract, summons her companion animal).
Shadow clone jutsu(can make around ten clones while at full chakra).
Shuriken shadow clone jutsu(can make upwards of a thousand cloned projectiles when at full chakra).
Exploding shadow clone jutsu(uses in conjunction with Shuriken shadow clones to create a rain of explosive death).

Pre time-skip:
Water style: Water dragon jutsu
Water style: Liquid bullet.

Post time-skip:
Water style: Water fang bullet.
Water style: Ripping torrent.
Water style: Raging waves.

Pre time-skip
Lightning style: Emotion wave

Post time-skip:
Lightning style(: Electrostatic acceleration(an unintentional re-creation of the Raikage's lightning armor, electrostatic acceleration uses quick pulses of electricity to boost muscle movement speed and power as well as increasing the speed at which the synapses in the brain fire off, improving reaction time and perception of fast-moving objects. Unlike the original however, electrostatic acceleration doesn't act as armor.
Lightning style: Earth flash
Lightning style: Lightning rod
Lightning style: Telegram flash

Collaboration ninjutsu: Tempest dragon
Mayumi creates a shadow clone and begins forming a water dragon while Her clone and Makena begin adding lightning and wind chakra respectively, the finished product being an electrified water dragon with hundreds if not thousands of chaotic blades of wind swirling around and through it. (highly chakra intensive, can only be safely used once while at full chakra, can be forced a second time but that will inevitably lead to loss of consciousness from chakra exhaustion).

Clan style based around speed and agility focusing on kicks, knees, elbows, and swipes with claws in conjunction with their companion animal.

Master archer, Wields a self-made bow and a nine-inch combat/skinning knife, and carries several small throwing knives, also owns and is quite skilled with a spear, though she rarely chooses to use it as it conflicts with her usual fighting style.
On missions, wears a leather skirt and an archery breastplate (http:///albums/ii593/Noregrets30/9/10/SOULCALIBUR_49.png) and (http:///albums/ii593/Noregrets30/9/10/SOULCALIBUR_52.png), dual weapon belts in an x configuration, an equipment pouch on her left thigh, fingerless leather gloves with metal plates on the back, ANBU forearm guards and lightweight metal shin guards.
Her off duty wear in public consists of the same skirt, remove everything else, and she ties her headband around her chest like a narrow tube top, otherwise she goes nude.

Bio: Mayumi is the only child of the Hayashi clan head, and, from a young age was considered a prodigy.
She never learned to crawl like a normal baby, instead running around on all fours like a dog(not that that's unusual for the Hayashi), and by the time she was three she could routinely outpace children three times her age.
She took to archery like a fish to water, and had crafted her very own bow before she was six.
Not long after her sixth birthday she started training in the clans Taijutsu style, and though she wasn't the fastest learner, she was well within the top five percent.
She made her first kill just before her seventh birthday, sneaking out of her room one night and going on a solo hunting trip, her clan waking up the next morning to discover that, not only had she sneaked out without being discovered, but she had somehow managed to track down and kill a large deer, with a perfect shot from her bow, in the middle of a moonless night.
She somehow hauled the carcass, which was over five times her weight, all the way back to the clan compound, and, still without waking anyone up, skinned and gutted the thing after hanging it up to drain the blood.
They found her asleep against the wall of the meat smoking shed, sticks and leaves in her hair, blood on her hands, and an incredibly satisfied grin on her face.
When she was asked how she managed to do all this by herself, and so quietly, Mayumi simply laughed and said, "I'm just awesome like that."
Mayumi's stealth skills have always been phenomenal, able to sneak up on any civilian by six, and any Genin and many Chunin by the age of eight.
Not long after turning seven and enrolling in the academy, Mayumi entered puberty and began having the dreams.
It was not long before she discovered the species of her companion animal, a hyena, and knowing where they live, she began preparing herself for the trip and bonding process.
Knowing that the bonding technique could not be halted once it had begun, and that if she were unlucky it could be weeks or even months before her destined companion showed up, Mayumi spent the next two weeks eating ravenously, attempting to put on as much fat as possible on her four-foot four-inch, sixty-eight pound frame(remember, the Hayashi mature quicker than average, she appears closer to ten than seven) and, at the end of those two weeks, she had put on fifteen pounds of fat.
Saying her goodbyes to her family, and promising to return as an adult(in the eyes of the clan you become an adult upon bonding your companion, regardless of age), she began traveling west, towards the border of river and wind country, the only known location that hyena's reside.
Arriving safely around noon after three days leisurely travel, Mayumi set up her temporary campsite and went to sleep.
Mayumi woke up first thing the next morning, hungry as she had been fasting since she left the village(after all, when your going to be in a meditative state and completely immobile for an indefinite amount of time you really don't want to be producing any solid waste),and after relieving herself and bathing in the river, and traveling a few hundred feet from her camp, she found a nice flat, shady spot, settled down, and began to meditate.
After getting deep into her meditation, she started subconsciously pulsing her chakra, erratically at first, but it slowly began to sync itself to her slow, steady heartbeat.
Mayumi had no grasp of time during her meditation, hours and even days seeming to pass by in the blink of an eye.
Unfortunately, the meditation could not keep her completely unaware of her body's needs, by the end of the first week she had begun to feel a slight, gnawing hunger in the back of her mind, her body demanding sustenance, but Mayumi was a strong girl, she had once consciously gone a week without eating, just to see if she could, compared to that, the meditation suppressed hunger was barely noticeable.
The second week was harder than the first, the feeling of hunger had been growing little by little, and on top of that, her muscles had begun to ache from lack of movement, but perhaps the most unpleasant aspect was that her meditative trance could only slow and repress her bodily functions for so long, could only recycle her waste materials so many times before needing to purge itself, Mayumi is not a quitter is all I will say on the matter.
Halfway through the third week Mayumi was reaching her limits, she had burned through most of the extra fat she had put on and found that her chakra pulses were weakening, but just as she was beginning to maybe possibly consider giving up, she felt something.
Opening her eyes, yet maintaining the meditation, Mayumi began scanning the horizon, eyes burning due to being suddenly exposed to the mid-morning sun after two and a half weeks of darkness.
Eventually, eyes adjusting to the light, Mayumi made out a small spot on the horizon, steadily getting larger, after a few minutes her eyes had adjusted and the spot had come close enough for her to confirm that it was, in fact, a lone hyena.
Ten minutes later, the hyena had made it to Mayumi and began circling around her, sniffing, vocalizing towards, and even licking her(mmmm... Mayumi flavored).
Finished with her inspection, the hyena sat down directly in front of Mayumi, eyes level, faces less than a foot apart.
Mayumi stared into the hyena's brilliant green eyes for what seemed like an eternity, the hyena staring right back into her own bright yellow catlike eyes, and, with a steady hand, Mayumi slowly reached out with her left hand, and delicately placed it upon the hyena's head.
With a thought Mayumi activated the bonding jutsu, and was completely unprepared for the onslaught of images, memories, and experiences of the hyena.
She remembered her and her siblings running around the Savannah, she remembered reaching maturity and becoming alpha of her clan(yes, groups of hyena are called clans), hunting with her clan, stealing the kill of a smaller group of lions, she remembers mating and later giving birth to cubs, seeing those cubs reach maturity, every aspect of this hyena's life is now part of her.
Mayumi also acquired some physical changes, her left eye became green, her teeth and jawbone became many times harder, and her bite muscles became stronger, she could now probably bite through a horses femur.
She also gained increased stamina, now able to maintain her top speed for a significantly longer amount of time.
While Mayumi was dealing with the rapid influx of information, the hyena was doing the same, it was swiftly absorbing all of Mayumi's memories, it's mind expanding and changing, the hyena could now think and comprehend like a human, it's range of emotions increasing exponentially, and its vocal chords shifting enough to allow human speech.
The hyena's physical changes were much more drastic than Mayumi's, She increased to half again her normal size, her fur color shifted, becoming a pale golden-tan like a lion while her spots became silvery-gray, her left eye turned yellow, and her front paws became hand-like, able to pick things up.
The bonding process finally complete, Mayumi and the hyena just stared at each other, catching their breath, then, with a bright smile, Mayumi simply said, "Makena."
Makena, with a light chuckle and what passes for a smile for hyenas said, "Mayumi."
Still smiling, Mayumi said, "Let's go home Makena."
Mayumi's stomach let out an enormous growl, causing her to hunch over in pain, Makena laughed, "You're not going anywhere until you've had something to eat, wait here and I'll go hunting." Makena paused, "And take a bath while I'm gone, you reek... and you've been sitting in your own piss for three days(I said I would say no more on the matter... I lied)."
"MAKENA!" shouted Mayumi, turning red with a combination of anger and embarrassment, "SHUT UP! You know I didn't have a choice."
Makena just laughed, "Yeah yeah, I know, now go clean yourself, I'll be back with food soon."
Mayumi and Makena triumphantly returned to the village, Makena being excitedly welcomed by her new clan and Mayumi being congratulated on becoming an adult and bonding such a fantastic companion.
And to celebrate the occasion, as they do for every freshly bonded Hayashi, they threw an enormous party, much alcohol was served, Mayumi and Makena got wasted and passed out(much to the clans amusement), and then had the pleasure of experiencing their first hangovers, made worse by the fact that due to their bond they were feeling each others as well as their own(much to the clans further amusement).
"Ugh... Mayumi?"
"Ohh... Yes Makena?"
"We are never drinking again."
"Agreed." (They lie)
By the next day their hangovers had dissipated and life returned mostly to normal, Mayumi returned to the academy while Makena began familiarizing herself with the village.
While in the academy, Mayumi met and, despite the one-sided rivalry between their clans, befriended Itachi Uchiha.
Despite the fact that he was a prodigy, the son of the Uchiha clan head, and had the highest scores in all areas(except speed/stealth, Mayumi was just slightly better in those), Itachi was kind and soft-spoken, he was not arrogant and never really believed that his skills or blood made him inherently superior to anyone else.
The became fast friends, always eating together at lunch and sitting next to each other in class, hanging out after class ended, whether it be sparring, practicing their techniques, or just being kids.
Mayumi eventually invited Itachi to her clans compound, forgetting to mention that her whole clan were nudists.
In what was possibly the most embarrassing moment in Itachi's life, he followed Mayumi through the gate and immediately froze, the sight of hundreds(there were really only around thirty visible, but to the panicked brain of a seven-year old thirty might as well be three hundred)of naked people, his brain couldn't take the information overload and he promptly passed out.
Itachi awoke moments later, having been dragged back out of the gates, to the sound and sight of Mayumi literally rolling on the floor, laughing her ass off(she has never let him live this moment down), managing to choke out an apology for not warning him, between her uncontrollable fits of laughter.
He eventually recovered from his embarrassment and, over time managed to get used to the clans nudity, even coming back to the compound with Mayumi after getting out of the academy on some days.
Mayumi's and Itachi's friendship continued to grow, even after Itachi graduated the academy at age seven and started taking missions, they still found time to hang out, even after he joined the ANBU at ten.
At age eleven, at the urging of his mother Mikoto, Itachi invited Mayumi to the Uchiha compound for dinner and to meet his family.
The dinner went well, all things considered, Itachi's father, Fugaku, was kind of an ass at first, but Mayumi was kind of expecting that so she didn't let it bother her.
Mayumi really liked Mikoto, definitely seeing where the majority of Itachi's personality came from, though Mikoto had a wicked sense of humor that Itachi didn't seem to possess, casually remarking that "It's so nice to see Itachi actually bringing his girlfriend over for dinner." Only to descend into a poorly suppressed giggle fit when the kids turned red and began frantically denying anything of the sort and Fugaku, in his shock began choking on his food, Mayumi recovering from the embarrassment long enough to slap him on the back, dislodging the stuck food and causing Fugaku to improve his opinion of her... Slightly.
The last member of the family was Sasuke, Itachi's six-year-old brother, Mayumi instantly thought he was adorable and demanded that Itachi bring Sasuke with him when they met from now on.
After everyone had finished eating they all got to know each other for a little while(Mayumi and Mikoto did most of the talking), they talked for about an hour, Mayumi deciding it was time to go, thanked Mikoto for the meal and the invite, said bye to Itachi, told Sasuke that she was looking forward to seeing him again soon... And told Fugaku to always remember to chew his food, before sprinting away, laughing(surprisingly this actually amused him a little and slightly raised his opinion of her further).
After the dinner, Mayumi and Itachi just kept getting closer, and, as is known to happen, they began developing feelings for one another(to be honest, Mayumi has had feelings for Itachi since they were eight but, knowing that girls develop faster than boys in that regard, and even more so as a Hayashi, she decided to hold back until he started showing his own signs).
Over the next year they became nearly inseparable, seeming to be at each others houses almost every day, Mayumi spending enough time at the Uchiha compound that Sasuke even began calling her big sister, much to her delight.
But as close as they got and as obvious as their mutual attraction was to everyone that saw them together, even themselves, neither one of them was willing to be the one to take it to the next level, both fearing that it might ruin what they already had.
By the end of that year Mayumi graduated the academy at age twelve, and was placed on a Genin team.
Now both running missions on a near daily basis, Mayumi and Itachi had significantly less time to spend together, though the absence did not cause them to grow apart, only making them appreciate the time they had together more.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, Mayumi became a Chunin and Itachi became a captain in the ANBU when they turned thirteen and, over the course of that year Itachi began to change, becoming more withdrawn and colder, even to Mayumi and Sasuke.
Knowing something wasn't right, Mayumi began trying to corner him and make him talk to her, but he always managed to slip away somehow.
One night, not long after Itachi's most recent escape, Mayumi was feeling restless, she couldn't really explain it, but something just felt off.
Figuring that tossing and turning for hours wouldn't do her any good, she decided to take a walk around the village, letting Makena know that she wouldn't be too long.
Not long into her walk she came upon the academy training grounds and found that they were still occupied.
"Sasuke!" she called out warmly, recognizing the young Uchiha. "What are you doing out so late?"
"Oh, sis, I was just practicing my shuriken technique." "I had no idea it was this late, guess I lost track of time."
"Haha, obviously." Said Mayumi. "Come on, let's gather all your shuriken and I'll walk you home."
The two almost-siblings began slowly making their way back towards the Uchiha compound, Mayumi asking how Sasuke liked the academy and Sasuke telling her all about how he was the top of the class, and all about his (shudder) fan-girls.
They were about a block away from the Uchiha compound when Mayumi tensed up, placing her hand on Sasuke's shoulder to stop him.
"Si... Mayumi, what's wrong?" Sasuke asked, noticing her serious expression and becoming slightly uneasy.
Mayumi ignored him, the weird feeling she'd been having all night had suddenly spiked.
She started slowly scanning left and right, listening for the slightest sound, smelling the air for any trace of what could cause this feeling.
Blood... Lots of blood, the scent all coming from the direction of the Uchiha compound.
Mayumi quickly focused on that bit of consciousness in the back of her mind that belonged to Makena.
"Makena! Makena, wake up!"
"Hmm... Mayumi (yawn) what's wrong?"
Mayumi sent Makena her memories of the last five minutes as an answer and got Makena up to speed.
"Alright, what's the plan?" Asked Makena. "I'm going to summon you here." Mayumi replied. "I want you to take Sasuke and keep him safe, find the Hokage and let him know that something bad is going down in the Uchiha district, and mobilize the ANBU if it's not out of your way."
"Alright partner, ready when you are."
Mayumi broke the mental link and, pricking her thumb on one of her claws, she swiped the blood on her palm and, faster than the average eye could follow she went through the hand-signs.
I, Inu, Tori, Saru, Hitsuji!" Ninja Art! Summoning Jutsu!
With a poof and a large cloud of smoke, Makena stood before them in all her glory.
Sasuke, fed up with being ignored, finally yelled. "Hey!" "What the heck is going on, why do you keep ignoring me?"
Mayumi knelt in front of the young Uchiha.
"Sasuke, I'll tell you what's going on if you promise me two things."
"Okay." Replied Sasuke. "What are they?"
"First." She said. "I want you to promise that once I start telling you what's going on you'll wait till I'm done before asking questions."
"Alright, I promise." Said Sasuke impatiently. "What's the second thing?"
"The second." Said Mayumi gravely. "Is that no matter what you learn in the next few minutes, you'll follow my orders to the letter."
Sasuke hesitated. "Do... Do I really..." "Sasuke!" Mayumi half shouted, maintaining eye contact. "I need you to promise me this."
"Al... Alright, I promise."
"Okay, I've been having a weird feeling for the past couple hours, that's why I was out walking around and bumped into you."
Mayumi pause for a moment to see if Sasuke would keep his promise, he did, so she continued.
"When we got to this spot, the feeling spiked, that's why I stopped us."
"But what does a feeling have to do with anything?" Sasuke interrupted.
"Sasuke!" Mayumi yelled. "I... Smell blood, a lot of it." "It's coming from the Uchiha compound."
Sasuke's face paled. "Why are we just standing here!?!" He screamed. "We have to go help them!"
"We, aren't doing anything." Mayumi responded. "You are going with Makena to find the Hokage and alert the ANBU , I'm going alone to see if there's anything I can do."
"But... My fami..." Mayumi cut him off. "Sasuke, you're eight years old and still in the academy, whoever can spill that much Uchiha blood is way out of your league(probably out of mine too), I'm going to need to be fully focused if a fight occurs, I can't be worrying about you the whole time."
Sasuke struggled with himself for a few seconds before conceding. "I guess you're right, I just... I hate feeling useless."
Mayumi gave him a small smile. "I know little brother." She said, lifting him onto Makena's back. "But you're not being useless, you're warning the Hokage and getting me backup."
Ruffling Sasuke's hair, she turned to Makena and nodded.
"Hold on tight Sasuke." Growled Makena as she took off down the street in the direction of the Hokage mansion.
Mayumi watched them until they were out of sight. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better get on with it." She said as she vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Companion animal.
Name: Makena.
Species: Hyena.
Chakra element: Wind
Secondary element: Earth
Appearance: Makena is a spotted hyena and as such shares the same build and pattern as her wild kin, but that is where the similarity ends.
Due to the bonding process Makena has grown large enough to be ridden like a horse, her front paws have become hand-like giving her the ability to grab things and form hand signs, and her fur color changed, the base color becoming closer to that of a lion, leopard, or cheetah and her spots turning silvery-grey. Born with green eyes, Makena's left eye turned yellow after becoming bonded to Mayumi.

Pre timeskip:

Wind style: Divine wind
Wind style: Air bullet
Wind style: Dust storm

Post timeskip:
Wind style: Great breakthrough
Wind style: Spiraling wind ball
Wind style: Twister shot

Earth style: Mud wall.
Earth style: Head hunter.

Post time-skip:
Earth style: Earth dome.
Earth style: Earthquake slam.

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