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Top Favorite Series

1. One Piece :

One piece is my new favorite manga for several reasons! One, it pretty much beats all other series in 'Underdog becomes badass moments' (example of a Ubbm, Neji vs. Naruto fight, Luffy vs Lucci final battle, Ichigo vs. Grimmjow second time, Allen Walker vs. Tyki Mikki second time, anytime Luffy uses second gear, Naruto uses Kyubbi chakra, or Ichigo uses his hollow mask) it's those moments that send chills down my back and it's hard not to love them. Two, It never disappoints. One piece always has a good chapter, ether it's funny or exciting and you can't wait for another one. Three, a good mix of comedy and action, okay every now and then they don't hit the points perfectly but usually they know when to be funny and when to be serious.

The main reason why though I think it the best manga at the moment, it's story arc right now. Just like Water 7 and Enies Lobby, this new arc (Shabondy Archipelago arc) has all the elements to be great. Without doubt it's going to be the best arc yet.

The only down side is, no good couples. This story just doesn't do the lovey dovey thing right. But it does friendship well.

2. Bleach :

Bleach as a anime sucks, too many terrible fillers, but as a manga it is awesome. (Reasons) One, tons of great battles and moments of badassness (example, Byakuya vs. Leroux). Two, great history, the story has a long and brilliantly connected history that just screams interesting. Three, Heroes and Villians blend into each other, Vizard and Arrancar are perfect examples of this.

For a while I was starting to get kind of bored of Bleach, mostly I was getting tired of all fights and no story. This changed a bit as the captains took on the espada, three quick fights that proved to be slightly more interesting than the others. As the battles finished, it seem like everything was going to go boring and return back to normal. Nothing was more awesome than Stark appearing right before them and taking Orhime back again. Then it seemed like it was moving towards the final battle.

Turn back the Pendulum was an awesome idea. I doubt there was a more perfect place to put it in. It gives you all the story you could ever want. As it ends, that one scene with the Vizards promises that the next few chapters will be epic.

One down side, too many forgettable characters. Unlike Naruto, Bleach is filled with characters that just don't stick. They just don't have enough uniqueness (both in how they look and personality) to actually matter, it takes being a real fan of the series to actually know most of the characters.

3. D. Gray Man :

D. gray man would be number two right now if it wasn't for the current arc. The lvl 4 arc was without a doubt one of the best arc's of all time of all manga, it was a pure moment of over coming a enemy that was too strong and then it ended with one awesome badass moment thanks to Cross. Allen's innocence's evolutions have all been great moments that can't be beat. Allen's fight with the earl was perfect even if it was short.

Instead of doing this crappy comedy arc, they should of keep with the Noahs and followed them around a bit more. You can't just add new important things and jump into crap like this, it's just not right. I hope they get this one over with soon.

Down side to this one is... only a few women in the entire series.

4. Naruto :

Naruto at one point was the best series ever, at Jiraiya vs. Pain, and it has only gone down hill since then. The anime, I'm still not sure why they did this, has started a filler arc again. After what seemed like a life time of fillers in part one they have gone and done it again. There is no reason why Naruto should have fillers ever again!

The anime adds a bunch of needless stuff and ruins several scenes that should of been amazing. Orochimaru vs. Naruto and pretty much everything else. Another thing is, Sakura sucks. Anyone who likes her just likes her because she is pretty (and she's not even pretty) There is no good moment with her, the entire first part she is terrible to Naruto and acts like a bitch. The second part she starts to like Naruto and acts like she knows Naruto and Sasuke well, they were only on a team for a few months and then they didn't see each other for several years. Unlike the other teams, they have no reason to act like they care about each other. I mean Team Guy had known each other longer before the chunin exams than Team 7 all together.

I'm not sure why people even like Sakura, they say in part two she's a better person. But she barely has any parts that actually show who she is and they suck.

Sasuke and Sakura are overpowered in the second half. Sakura had no skills and couldn't even beat Ino in the first part and now she's one of the strongest. Sasuke is way too strong and way too focused on. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were train by the sannin each and yet Naruto isn't super powered, he only has one good new move and it was after the training. Yet Jiraiya trained the fourth and had all three years with Naruto. Orochimaru and Tsunade probably sucked as teachers as they both had villages to run and one was terribly sick. No way Sakura or Sasuke should even be close to Naruto's strength and Sakura shouldn't even be in the same league as Sasuke and Naruto as she showed the least potental to learn while Naruto and Sasuke had both learned at incredibly rates. Naruto's ransengan training and Sasuke's learning the chidori in only one month.

To be honest with ya, I'm just sick of Naruto all together, the series just sucks now.

Favorite Animes or Manga


Inuyasha ("Put on your clothes!" Jaken is the funniest)

Bleach ("What's your relationship with Ichigo." Nel is the best)


One Piece

Death Note

D. Gray Man

Avatar (yes I know it's a Nick show but I think it's kind of good. and yes I know it's not really an anime but it seems like it sort of)

Ergo Proxy

Gantz (manga, not anime)

Pandora Hearts


Favorite Anime Characters

Shikamaru is my favorite Naruto character. Hinata and Jiraiya are a close second and third. I hate Sakura because it seems like they are trying to make her into a good person in the second half. But the things she said in the first half and the way she acted makes it hard for me to find any good in her.

Sesshomaru is my favorite Inuyasha character. Miroku is a close second though because he loves the women.

Ichigo is my favorite Bleach character. Nel is a close second because she's so funny.

Edward and Envy are my favorite FMA characters.

Luffy is my favorite One Piece character. Robin is the hottest anime character ever and I really don't think anime characters are hot.

Near without a doubt in Death Note with L barely behind him. I hate Matt because he has one scene were he talks but nearly all the fanfic for that anime is him and Mello. I used to not mind Yaoi, but now I hate it because all Fanfic have too many of them.

Allen and Road are my favorite D. Gray Man characters. Lavi and Krory are really funny too.

Toph is my favorite Avatar character, probably my favorite anime character in the world, she's so tough and funny even though she is blind, she's a badass and smartass.

Pino and Vincent are my favorite, they're so funny together. Episode 16 is my favorite one just because of those two reaction towards each other.

Kei Kurono is my favorite character of Gantz, but that's only during and after the Dino mission. They're were a few moments of greatness before that but he was always a selfish jerk. Reika is my second favorite.

I've only recently started reading Pandora and Reborn, so I don't have a favorite yet in ether of those two series.

Favorite Anime Couples

Naruto and Hinata are without a doubt the best couple in all of anime or manga. They fit together so well and have so much to them, such as she is one of the few characters on Naruto who you know who her whole family is. They are probably going to end up together since the whole anime is practically SasuSaku with slight NaruHina. One thing I hate is how Sakura is starting to move on to Naruto when she doesn't even deserve him. I mean she beats and insults him through the whole story, I mean there isn't one good example of Sakura being loving towards Naruto at all. I hate Sakura soo much it's not even funny, well I guess it's a little bit funny.

Sango and anyone will work for me. I really love the added passion she brings to a relationship, Sango and Inuyasha or Sango and Miroku mostly with a bit of Sango and Kagome to add flavor.

I'm not too sure about Bleach because Nel has an adult form now and I love her character. I think Ichigo would go good with Nel but of course this will probably not happen since Orhime nearly confess her love to him and then got kidnapped. He then follows her to the enemy's base just to get her back. Then of course he was the one to find her first. It's pretty clear that they will be together after this.

Edward and Rose are my favorite couple in FMA, they looked so sweet in the last few episodes as they were dancing. It's them or Edward and Dante, mostly because that's just a hot scenario. I got the idea when Edward and Dante were discussing how the world works and I noticed how well they seemed to connect.

Robin and Chopper, mostly because it's cute for those two to be together. Not that I'm a big fan of furries though...

Light and Takasha (His second goddess) mostly because I really like dark hair chicks and she seems really classy. She just had a way about her that made her perfect for him.

Allen and Road are my favorite D. Gray Man couple because of the same reason Edward and Dante make a good couple in FMA, two enemies together is hot. Chapter 110, just reinforced it too with that kiss. And also the fact that she said his name as she died or sort of died. Of course I like the Allen and Lenalee couple too, I really really like her short hair too.

I like the Aang and Azula coupling and the Sokka and Toph coupling or Aang and Toph too. The Aang and Toph angle is mostly because all the good fanfics for Avatar are Aang/Toph. The whole AangAzula thing is great, mostly because they are so different but have something that connects them. I find the Sokka and Toph relationship cute mostly because they go well together and if written right can be really funny.

There is really only one straight couple that really works with Ergo Proxy and it's pretty good, Real and Vincent. I'm not a big fan of Real, but since Vincent loves her so much I guess they work together pretty well.

There's a bunch of good couples in Gantz, but my favorite is Kei Kurono and Reika. They seem good for each other and she is completely and utterly in love with him. The only problem is Tae and she's kind of off but in a good way.

My Writing Style

Everytime I work on my stories, I like to believe that I'm getting better at writing and Hinata's New Life is proof of that. I don't promise that I will update every week though, but I do promise that if I start a story I plan to finish it no matter what. Another thing, I only write NaruHina if the story has Naruto with a girl, but I do like threesome relationships (adds a lot of drama or emotions) and will usually have someone with him, I can almost promise you that Hearts of Heroes and Harvest Moon will be a threesome story, The NC and others are just maybes

My Current Storys

Hinata's New Life (My Highest Reviewed Story So Far)

Naruto, Hinata, and Hanabi work together to create a new family even through the hardships. NaruHina with slight NaruHana

I've decided to post a revision of Hinata's New Life called Hinata's Story, it's basically Hinata's New Life just rewritten. A few new scenes are added and the writting is slightly better, more like Hanabi's New Dilemma instead of the crap I have for HNL.

Hanabi's New Dilemma (My Highest Reviewed First Chapter So Far)

Naruto returns to Konoha after three years. Hanabi is off to find who killed her teammates and why. Naruto and Sasuke prepare for the Chunin exam but they need a third member and they go through difficult training. NaruHina with slight NaruHinaHana

I feel lousy about the whole posting chapter 2 late thing, so to make up for it here's chapter 3

Kinky Jack Spicer's Stupid Ninja Plan (My Least Favorite Story So Far)

Jack Spicer and Wuya going to Konoha to get some Ninjas and Chase Young contacts his old friend (Someone for Naruto) to help him get rid of the Monks. Crossover Naru/Hina, onesided Rai/Hina and Kimi/Rai

I got the extra review and I have decided to start back on this one. It will take time but I will have a chapter out soon hopefully!

Harvest Moon Naruto Edition (My Most Potental Story So Far)

Naruto runs away and starts his new life as a farmer in Flower Bud Village. Konoha sends Hunternin to find him and what happens when both his new life and old one combined. Naru/Hina/?

It's hard to start a game of Harvest Moon, when I do I will finish it.

Hearts of Heroes (My Most Favorite Story So Far)

Orochimaru taking over the fire nation, will the Avatar and Naruto be able to bring peace to the world or will Orochimaru win. Naru/Hina/Toph Sasu/Saku/Azula

Chapter 5 will be up soon,

The Daily Update Report

It is exactly... 10/22/08 5:03 PM Texas time right now!

Blah the spirit of writing has left me, I hope to finish a chapter and post it before November but it doesn't look good. But then who knows, I wrote the most recent two chapters of Hanabi's New Life in a day. It's all pretty random with me. I'm kind of getting into City of Heroes, but I think it's just a phase.

When I come back I plan to post a few chapters and a few new stories: Crystal Clarity, Gunslinger, Crossroad. Turning back the pendulm, Deadly (I haven't come up with a title for that one) and plenty of others.

The New Chronicles Info

It will go like this Hinata’s New Life, Hanabi’s New Dilemma, Sasuke’s New Road, Sakura’s New Desire, and Naruto’s New Dream. I plan to call it the New Chronicles and it will be at least 300,000 words. I have come up with a plot for each one and just like Hinata’s, the story doesn't revolve around that ninja only, it just means what the story is mostly about. Hanabi’s New Dilemma will revolve around Naruto’s new obsession with her and the mystery about her teammates’ death by Itachi’s hands. Please don’t complain about the morality of these stories as they are just stories and have no influence from my opinions or my life style except for the fact that I love the Naruto and Hinata coupling and HATE Sakura with a passion. In fact I am a modest baptist teenage boy with strong beliefs of what is right in the world. I just believe that people need to remember that these are just stories and it is disturbing to learn that some people can’t tell the difference between the written stories we Fanfic writers create and the real world. After each story, there will be a special rewritten version and hopeful I will have corrected all the mistakes that were in each chapter. Plus the writing will be clearer and hopefully nicer.

REMEMBER: GOOD STORIES CROSS LINES, if you can't get pass the morality of my stories then you shouldn't read them.

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