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Wow! Ok, completely forgot I had this account. Once upon a time it was "yourmaster," but now my current one is "MissJaneEyre." I never use this anymore.

Will most likely delete this soon:)

I'm an English and Renaissance Studies Major at an amazing University. I'll be going to Grad School in 2016 and, eventually, going on to get my PhD. I used to write fanfics once upon a time, but that's in the past - I'll never stop reading fanfics, however all I write now is poetry and a short story once in a while.

I review indie novels in my spare time and am a complete geek/need. I love DC Comics (when will there be a Justice League movie!?!?!?) and Classic TV shows like: BeastMaster, The Lost World, Stargate SG-1, Gilmore Girls, and Farscape. My favorite novel would have to be "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte and my favorite short story is "The Offshore Pirate" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I work in the University Library in the OutReach Dept. and have class EVERYDAY (did I mention I'm in the quarter system?) so, I'm always busy. Fanfics are my guilty pleasure along with raunchy romance novels.

I adore Jane Austen, love coffee, and am a pretty good cook.

I've been on this site forever and a day.

It's been a while. And how are you, author of the night?

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