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I love the following pairings:

Sookie/Eric ("True Blood")

Tommy/Kimberly ("Power Rangers") - The first pairing I shipped (before I even knew what "shipping" was)

Hyde/Jackie ("That 70's Show")

Brenda/Dylan ("90210")

Cordelia/Angel ("Angel")

Cordelia/Xander ("Buffy")

Angel/Buffy ("Buffy" -- pre Angelus)

In Movies...

Legolas/Eowyn (Lord of the Rings). I've read some great fanfics with them. If you are interested in reading fics with this pairing, I recommend "The Price of Freedom" and " My bow shall sing with your sword." These fics are both amazing, but are for mature readers only ('cause they contain adult related themes).Read them if you dare. Seriously. Great. Writing.

Bender/Claire (The Breakfast Club)

In Anime...

Ranma/Akane (Ranma 1/2)

Heero/Relena (Gundam Wing)

About Me: I love characters. Out of all the elements that combine to make a story, for me it's the characters that really either bring a story to life or make me roll my eyes in disbelief. For this reason, I adore the female and male leads in the in the above pairings listing. Both Cordelia and Jackie, for example, seem so superficial at first glance, but watching them on screen (and then reading well-written fanfiction about them), I gained a deeper understanding for their behaviors, their fragilities, their facades, and their strengths.

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