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Character profile:


She has sky blue eyes, caramel hair that goes to the middle back with an army jacket covering a navy blue tank top with Indian mandala designs at the bottom of the tank shirt. She wears jeans, and navy blue high tops.

She gets bored easily and likes to mess with people but is kept in line by her best FRIEND Tim. (Timothy). She is completely irresponsible. She can create portals to other dimensions, universes, and planes of reality.

Character Profile:

Timothy (Tim):

She has dark blue eyes and wears a blood red tank top with blood red strings at the bottom of the tank. She also has jeans on with navy high top shoes on. She has straight black hair that reaches the middle back and pale skin with brown eyes. In a way she is like a mother to Sadie, she keeps her out of trouble, helps clean up after her when she makes a mistake or gets too crazy/hyper. She can time travel, stop, slow down, and speed up time.

They both have their limits they are not over powered.

“YES! YES! YES!” Sadie shouts, standing up from a silver metal and gray plastic chair at her desk with her hands in the air. The walls of her room are pale yellow with a circular white and pink carpet in the the middle of the room on top of a palm wood floor. There is a bay window facing left of Sadie, looking out to a meadow. A crystal sphere sits on a light pink cushion on the bay window bench. Behind Sadie, is an unmade, twin bed with two white pillows, a white, thin blanket and a thick, daisy colored blanket under the white one. On the right of her, is an oak wood door about 7 feet tall, three feet shorter than the room itself. The room is rather neat, if one ignores the fact that one of the shelves on the wall of the door is a complete mess with items ranging from a compass to a book mark or two while the other hold a row of books with titles ranging from ' The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein to ' The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The floor was clear of any item that might have fallen from the shelves or the bed. Even the deck top in front of Sadie made of oak wood was clear of any unwanted items. The desk has a oak wood top with white metal legs and a white metal basket connected to the top that contains notebook paper. The wanted items on the desk are a light pink, metal wire pencil holder about 4 inches in diameter and a laptop. Under the desk is a blue recycling bin and a beige wired trash can. The door opens revealing curious Tim. "What is it?" she asks. "We finally are free!" Sadie replies but Tim still looks confused. "We are not longer contained to a document that no one ever sees and we can make stories that others will see. Time to get the movie theater ready for our first group. Who should it be? We have Hiccup, Jack, Tony... " she keeps listing names as she walks past Tim who sighs feeling a head ache coming and yells behind her "Sadie no!" and with that she goes after her.

Greetings, welcome to my profile page. The paragraph above is a taste of my writing skill. Message me if there is anything I can do to improve it. Here are some topics that need to be discussed.


Yes, there are some vocabulary that you should know if you plan to keep reading Fan Fiction. I wish I read something like this when I first started reading. PM me if I am wrong with any of the definitions. PM=Private message AU=Alternate Universe AD ((not sure if this is an actual thing))= Alternate Dimension ((_))=my way of making comments yaoi = homosexual; boy dating boy beta=editor R&R= read and review _x_= character in love with character fem/male_=the character as if he/she was female/male. T=Teen ((this is a rating)) K=Kid K=Kids that are older but not teenagers ((I am not actually sure about this one)) M=Mature; topics that are not made for teenagers or any one over the mental age of 18 OC=Original character OOC=Out of character OD=Over dose ((this is not important to fan fiction, but it is a good term to know)). Main OC= main original character. OP=over powered de-age=when a character's age is suddenly younger than it should be ((Can some one tell me the k stands for when tells you the word or number count on a story or category?)) ((If I am missing something, or if you have any questions, PM me or comment #Vocabulary in a review on the most recently updated story. part of my job as a writer is to help you understand what I am writing. That includes any slang I might use.))

Personal details: I love Fan Fiction, below are some of works that I LOVE and MIGHT write about. I have a thousand more but they are not on the list below because I either respect them too much or have no Fan Fiftion ideas for them.

Movies: Rise of the Gaudians, Brave, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Avengers, Descendants 2015 Maybe: Pitch Perfect, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid 2, Into The Woods TV: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Flash, Agents of SHEILD, Lab Rats, Big Bang Theroy, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Defenders, Maybe: Glee, Once Upon A Time, Supergirl, Gifted, Jessie. Books: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Maybe: Lord of the Flies, ( I swear I read more than this but I made a promise to certain books and works that I would never read fan fiction about them. Also I am just drawing a lot of blanks right now.) Cartoons: Young Justice, Teen Titans, Maybe: Batman Beyond, Class of Titans, Ultimate Spider-Man, Comics: Batman, Justice League, Games: Pokémon Plays: Hamilton, Dear Even Hanson, Lion King ((sue me I loved this as a kid, still do.)), Les Miserable, Chicago, West Side Story, Maybe: Annie, Newsies,

Reason for this profile:

I want to improve my writing skills. I have so many ideas that I want to write out. I have a list of stories I like from the website that is getting too long. I want to be able to vote on polls. Why not?

Chapter updates:

There is no current set time or day for when I update a story This might change as time goes on. I update when I have the time.

Adoption of a story:

I will do my best to finish a story. Please PM me a link to the adopted story. Assume that the story is for adoption if 1.) I have not been active for three months 2.) The story has not been updated for more than six month or it says in the description that it is for adoption.

How I organize my stories:

Okay, this is important enough that it needs to be in paragraph form and therefore should be read. It is very important. Everything that I create in my imagination is on a plane of reality

In a plane of reality is a number of universes.

In a universe is a number of dimensions. In a dimensions, a space, planet, solar system exists. The plane of reality is the big imagination. I have one you have one, we all have one that we use and control, anything can happen in it. Sometimes a plane can be shared if you are working on something together with another person. That leads us to universes, this is a category, where all the dimensions related to a certain topic like Marvel, DC, or Percy Jackson. Dimensions versions of topics, for example, we have the canon, the original, and then we have version of the canon that a person is blind or something different happens to him or her. In order for a dimension to be in the same universe as another it must be a different version of it or have the same origins of it. For example, a canon and a version of the canon will be in the same universe. A canon and a canon with the same original creator or company will be in the same universe ((example: Batman comics and the Flash TV show because they are both related to DC)). What will not happen is a canon with a canon or a version of a canon that does not have the same creator or company. For example, Hulk comics and version of Percy Jackson series or Hulk comics and Young Justice TV show. If in a canon a dimension is named for example the Flash's Earth 1 then a dimension based on that TV show will be 1. depending on how closely related to the canon it is. Note that this is while this is important, it is just how I organize things in my head, and this is mostly just for me. It is nice of you to know or at least have in the back or your head when your read my stories.

Other notes:

I will have cross overs with my other stories ((example, canon and alternate, alternate and alternate)). I will have watch/read the book/movie/TV show I will have read/watch my alternate (( canon reading or watching an alternate)) I will have multiple crossing overs I will have regular crossovers I might have crossovers or read/watch with stories of other authors if I can get their permission ((example: canon watching another author's fan fic)). I will refrain from swearing or cussing unless the character demands it. I will refrain from M rated topics but i will let you know if there are dark topic.

I am never going to be done updating my profile, mostly because my life is constantly changing. “We all change, when you think about it, we're all different people; all through our lives, and that's okay, that's good, you've gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember.” -Eleventh Doctor

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