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Nicknames: Sir, Red, Scarlet, Scar,

Relationship status: Taken

I try my best, and I learn from my mistakes, and at the end of the day, I sleep in the bed I make. I am friendly, a bit wary at first, but quick to warm up to others if you talk to me enough. I'm not afraid to help people some on their stories, as long as they give me some sort of recognition for my effort.

Favorite shows - Pokemon(up until B&W, hated that season's animation) XY, XY&Z, Alolan, Yu-Gi-Oh(the original series), and other cartoon shows, especially funny shows that make me laugh.

Favorite Pokemon: Persian, Sandshrew, Raticate, Breloom! Farfetch'd! Jigglypuff, Pachirisu, Quagsire, Chimchar, Audino, Axew, (and about another 234 more but I'm not listing every single one of them.

Have you ever read a story by an author in one category(for example Sonic the Hedgehog) and thought it was mildly interesting, but then you see that the very same story has been redone(by that I mean change the characters name, hometown, etc) by that very author in two or more different categories as well? I hate that, If it's Mickey Mouse instead of Sonic it's still going to be boring. Come on people, spice it up! You can over recycle a story ya know. By the way, I'm not picking on anyone in particular. I just wanted to vent a little since I've read stories like this before.

No people, this account is NOT dead and I have not left fanfiction completely, I've just got new priorities and a new direction, if you message me about something I do reply to the messages I get, I still will comment on fanfics I read when and if I have the chance to.
I am fairly alive on this account. You can stop sending the "It's a shame you're no longer active on here"/"I miss you being on Fanfiction." messages. I'm still very much alive.

Also, for future reference. NONE of my stories are to be posted in videos on Youtube or elsewhere! Do not copy paste the text and upload videos or anything of the sort! If you want to make a fan video using images of mine ASK, if you want to make a fan video using clips from a show or game I've written about, that's fine with me, but do NOT use my stories in videos and post them online! I WILL get mad and I WILL report them, it is theft to upload my stories. If you like them they are to be read HERE!

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