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Hehe !

Welcomes everyones! I'm really happy to make an account on because I LOVE reading fanfics and admiring the way the writer can captivate the readers attention. And for that,I would like to write my own stories to improve my writing and creative skills! Also, to buildup impossible situations between characters . I would be extremely pleased if you review my stories!Your opinions would be a great help to help me improve my skills. Thank You!

Favourite Pairings (not in order):

1. Syaoran and Sakura - CCS

2. Eriol and Tomoyo - CCS

3. Yue and Ruby Moon - CCS

4. Shikamaru and Ino - Naruto

5. Neji and Tenten - Naruto

6. Luffy and Nami - One Piece

7. Zoro and Tashigi - One Piece

8. Kyo and Tohru - Fruits Basket

9. Hitsugaya and Karin - Bleach

10. Spike and Faye - Cowboy Bebop

11. Mugen and Fuu - Samurai Champloo

12. Ruka and Hotaru - Gakuen Alice

Hated Pairings Random Order:

1.Shikamaru and Temari

2.Sasuke and Hinata

3.Eriol and Kaho

4.Yuki and Tohru

5. Pierre and Vanilla

P.S. Spread the love of fanfictions !

Bubaish! and good luckies to your future stories to writers out there! XD

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