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So, who am I...?

Well, there isn't much to tell. Or actually, there's a lot to tell, but this is not the place. Sorry friends, if you want to know a little more about me, you have to work for your knowledge:D (or at least be patient, cause I probably will add some more to my profile, but not now, and knowing myself not in a very long time)

What I am telling you (guess some of you have already figured it out by now), is that English is not my first language. I'm from Norway, and have lived here (in N) all my life. So, that explains all my errors (in this profile, and future texts).

I've read lots of great stories on this site (mostly, supernatural-stories --just love that show). There are some very talented writers out there.. I'm working up my courage to write some stories myself, but I still think it's a bit scary. Mostly, because I have never really written anything fiction in English (at least not for anyone else to read) and never written fanfics or characters that aren't mine before. ... and I guess, if I wrote stories in Norwegian no one would read them, so...

Until then, I'm gonna enjoy all your stories;)

Updated May 2007: I've finaly worked up my courage to post some stories, from Supernatural (my favorite tv-show). Hope you like them. I don't have one of these betas that people are talking about all the time, but I guess maybe I need one. (so if you're thinking you might be the one, don't hesitate, let me know)

Oh, and I never been to USA before, makes it a little hard to write about the Winchesters, I mean they are on the road constantly... but I'll do my best:)

Update December 2009: I feel terrible for not having updated my story in more than two years. I will finnish it, I will! Just alot of things have changed in my life. Intill the update comes, I can only offer my apology: I'm truly sorry.

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